The Great Game

In the 1800s there was a great game being played by a few major powers in the world:  France, Great Britain and Russia.  Today, there’s still a ‘great game’ being played, and we’re the pawns.  There aren’t 8 pawns either side in this game, there are 7 Billion of them.  Just who are the Kings?  The way I see it there are a couple pulling strings here and that’s the USA and Russia.  The USA changed hands with Great Britain during WW1 and WW2 and became the principal player versus the Great Bear in the east. Great Britain has been relegated to Bishop.

The middle east has proven to become the gladiatorial battleground since the 1980s.  The whole system in the Middle East is self perpetuating.  It feeds off the fears and anger of the peoples of those areas.  The system benefits certain groups of people and what may not appear to be beneficial in the short term, is greatly beneficial in the long term.  Sacrifices in the early years reap benefits in the future.  Short engagements and wars, bombing campaigns at the expense of a million innocent lives will reap something in the next 20 years.  Chess pieces are being moved and in doing so, their domino effects have already been calculated down to the nearest probability.  Nothing is ever certain and now and again there’ll be a mishap – maybe ISIL/ IS / ISIS are a minor hiccup in the ‘great game’. Turkey shot down a Russian Jet because it strayed into their airspace.  If that was a US / UK or French jet would the Turks have shot it down, probably not as they’re all NATO : granted?

Bombing CampaignWhen it comes down to it, IS are pawns being played here and the right wingers in every country are being played too by feeding the recruitment drive for extremist organisations who reach out to the persecuted minorities based on race and religion.  The companies that produce the weapons are rubbing their hands together as their systems are being deployed, expended and the demand is there.  Who suffers?  The great adventurers who enforce foreign policy.

A friend of mine mentioned that the US are deliberately avoiding striking Fuel tankers.  I like to check out a wide range of Media sites and RT (Russia Today) ran a whole story on this phenomena.  The Turks haven’t lifted a finger to take on the IS group, their border with Syria is porous and this is the main transitory route to the group.  Being a member of NATO as well.  They soon began to shout and cry bloody hell when the Russians flew over their country.  Nothing like provoking a bear by prodding it with a pointy stick while ushering the Eagle over.  It reminds me of Schoolyard politics.

The self perpetuating system is feeding something and I can’t quite get my finger on it.  Whatever it is, it’s well hidden or disguised.  By money, most likely.  Weapons, Oil, the Saud Family…  I’m deliberately not going conspiracy theorist on you here.  I know the media is probably the most powerful weapon in the world in that it controls the moronic masses, those masses I see on Facebook, on a daily basis.  Pawns.  That’s all we are, and inevitably, worm food.

Don’t try and work it out, else you’ll tie yourself in knots.  There are so many variables at play here, results defined by our unique perceptions.

Kiss your children when you tuck them in bed and make sure they turn out decent people.

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