The New European Frontline

There’s a price to pay for technological advances in transport and the death of colonialism.  The EU, the inclusivist, leftist acceptance of other races, nations, religions and creeds have brought with them a whole range of problems.  The 20th Century has really fucked us up – we were on a trajectory for ruling the world, then someone went ahead and scuppered our plans.  Fuckers.nacht
+++++Now we’ve got integration, extremism, feminism, liberalism, nazism, racism and any other type of ism you can think of.  Our destination is fraught with difficulty, one which we’ll be fighting elements within ourselves that want to change the society as a whole.  A sort of revolution if you like, but with a saboteur, partisan, asymmetrical slant.  There’s going to be the sort of unrest Germany saw in 1920s and 1930s in wider Europe, but not against the Semitic race, but against religions.
+++++Today there was a scene in Paris that could have been the scene out of a Hollywood movie.  I kept on thinking about the street shoot out in Heat when I saw the holes that a volley of 7.62 short rounds had done to a Police Car’s windscreen.  There’s a lot more of ‘them’ here in Europe than we think and it’s going to get worse.  If anything it’ll keep us on our toes I suppose.


Religious extremism, Islamaphobia and Proportion

Murdering 132 children and 9 staff, many of them Muslim, is not going to help your cause.  In fact it’s going to help build up a resistance base to fight against the people who did this.  The people who did this belong to the group known as the Taliban.  What was the reason?  Through terror and fear?  Do they require obedience?  Do they require submission?  Shall we bow down to their demigod and convert to Islam?  If this is a taste of things to come, then I’m not particularly attracted to this sort of practice.

Not a very good way of attracting supporters to your cause.

Not a very good way of attracting supporters to your cause.

It doesn’t look too appealing to me.  I don’t pray to any god at the moment and I like eating pork.   I don’t want to see people shot, beheaded or burnt.  It’s not a very nice looking religion – in fact it looks fucking vile.  So – that ISIS style religion isn’t for me.  So… terror and fear tactics – does it work?  We’ve seen this over and over again and unfortunately for the dullard ideological fanatic, they obviously haven’t thought this through.  This sort of tactic has been tried and tested in the past, but hasn’t achieved their own objectives.  As fractious as they are and as fractious as Islam is, this may have serious ramifications on people’s views on Muslims and the Taliban.  Some would even link both in their entirety.  For the majority of the Muslims out there I think it necessary for them to ally themselves with the rest of the world to stem this wave of ideological barbarity.  The Taliban and their ilk are attempting to shake a hornets’ nest and it will only be a matter of time before we see something large happen.  Demonstrations in Germany have begun against Muslims.  Islamaphobia is on the increase.
+++++Let’s not kid ourselves, the practice of beheadings, burning people alive in the name of a religion occurred lots of times in Europe 16 – 18 generations ago.  Not a history buff, but 16-17th Century practices are being practiced in a 21st Century world.  I have friends who are anti-Muslim for this reason.
+++++The massacre of large populations of people are no stranger to our allies either.  Take ourselves for instance during World War 2 when we dropped tonnes of explosives on civilian population centres; after it was deemed immoral back in the 1930s to do such a thing.  It’s a War crime, isn’t it?  How do we know there aren’t allied POWs down in those cities, burning?  Not everyone in Germany supported the Nazi regime back then.
+++++The US in the phillipines massacred thousands of civilians over a century ago.  Bombed civilian population centres in Germany and Japan in World War 2.  They even went over to Viet Nam and fought the North Vietnamese Army, costing the US over half a million US casualties; many of them suicides.
+++++That doesn’t absolve the group who murdered 132 children and 9 staff.  Definitely not.  Though, dare I say it this has been going on, on a weekly basis in the Middle East (Syria, Iraq) and in Western Africa.
+++++Seven people a day die in the US through gun crime.  Until those who uphold the possession of these weapons experience the loss through gun crime I think this politically sensitive issue will not be resolved.
+++++The world police over the Atlantic, do they dictate what is morally right, or what it an outrage?  Do they have the outrage thermometer?  Or do they hold up the placard that says – BE ANGRY?  When the planes hit the towers, the Pentagon and crashed into a lonely field in Pennsylvania – there was outrage.  Many people died in those atrocities.  But if we only take the figures, the numbers here and compare them to the War Dead on the first day, the first hour of the Battle of the Somme, June 1916, this pales into insignificance.

Storm Troopers join the slaughter

Storm Troopers join the slaughter

Or the Battle of Verdun where a total of over 2 million casualties were sustained.  What did we have to record the events back in 1915 – 16?  Letters and the odd surviving, worn photograph, slightly frayed at the edges.  In 2001, we were surging in our telecommunications, media, technology.  Every facet of the electromagnetic spectrum was being strummed like the chords of a guitar with information transfers.  Millions upon millions of bits and bytes of info up until the nose of the airliner smashed into the floor of the tower.  As astonished workers raised their hands in self defence and thousands of gallons of aviation fuel flooded the building, pulses of information streamed to loved ones and to the world.  That’s it.  It’s recorded in visceral, minute, painful detail.  Every thought and plea is recorded, transmitted and is still travelling through space and is about 13 Light Years distance from us now.  Alpha Centauri ; our galactic neighbour, if there’s life… and it has the means to pick this up and understand it will be thinking.  What the fuck?  If they have the technology – do you think they’d bother to come over, covering the vast distance of space.  Nah,  they’ll probably think – by the time we reach there, they’ll be extinct.
+++++I think we need to grow up here.  We, meaning bipedal humans.  It’s like we’re still in the pre-college years.  We’ve come out of the Infants school and we’re still trying to deal with each other in Primary School.  There’s rivalry on the schoolyard and we’re still getting into fights.  The other kids will crowd around us and chant ‘FIGHT, FIGHT,FIGHT!!’  ‘ or ‘PILE ON!!!’  At school, I was generally the one on the bottom!
+++++Maybe we need a headmaster?  The US or the UK doesn’t really have a good credit rating when it comes to morality so that’s them off the list.  How about the friendly people of Luxembourg?  I know fuck all about Luxembourg – isn’t that a good thing?  I mean, all we seem to hear about is how bad people are.  Luxembourg would be an excellent host for a Supreme President of the World.  I think we would need someone strong enough to control the many different peoples of the planet.  Makes me think of the Tito of Yugoslavia who held together 8 mini nations and 7 ethnic groups yaddee yaddee yah.  Saddam Hussain was a strong leader, but he was a ruthless fucker who massacred people.  Uncle Jo Stalin, was a paranoid, lunatic – murdered millions of people – so no good.
+++++Democracy would probably be a bad thing here.  Look how complicated it is.  The US political system is that complicated they can’t even ban guns.  This new government – or Regime…. or System should be Totalitarian / Dictatorial, but in the interests of the majority here on the Earth.  If we’d done something earlier in the 20th Century, then maybe we’d enjoy some of Arthur C Clarke’s visions of the 21st Century right now.  Trips to the moon and Jupiter.

The Iron Lady, Zombie Epidemics and Conspiracy Theories

This week has been pretty significant for me.  I finished my job two days ago and am now floating in space to the next space station in free motion.  These ‘space stations’ have paid for my accommodation and car and secured my family.  This limbo is something I’m not used to, the only constant is time to the next ‘station’ – that’s only 3 weeks away.  I’ve never been jobless before.  I am now… not claiming benefits or anything, because I don’t need to.  But I will, fucking right – I’ve never been out of work and I served 22 years in the Army.  That was my choice, I admit and I didn’t have to do it, but I’ve also paid 22 years worth of Income Tax.  Not sure why I’m justifying my right to any sort of benefit.

Margaret Thatcher died last week as well.  I saw an old army colleague carry her coffin.  It seems ironic I used to give him the nickname ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’.  He cut an impressive edge to the display and pomp of the ceremony.  He should be proud to have been chosen out of the (now dwindling) 80,000 Army personnel.  What I want to know is, why was it so expensive?  I’ve been told of figures of £10m. thatcher1 Why 10 million?  That’s a lot of cash.  Who’s going to benefit from this cash?  Can we see the productivity of this cash now?  Might as well have chucked it away or burnt it.  I mean no disrespect to the ‘Iron Lady’, but what good did the £10m do her?  Did she plan to pay for the whole funeral, like the rest of the population?  I gather some may been incurred, but £10m..  Come on…  In the current financial climate, when we’re trying to fix the country’s deficit (whatever the fuck that means) by imposing austerity measures we find the government cutting funds to Non-governmental educational bodies like OU and cutting benefits to families that actually do need it most.  They make all the cuts, shutting down factories that employ disadvantaged people etc and then fork out £10m for a corpse to be burnt and there was even a proposal to buy the queen huge fucking liner – she had the common sense to turn the idiotic notion down.

Back to Maggie.  What did she do in the 1980s.  She stopped the fucking milk!  I remember queuing up for those little bottles when I was 7.  Can’t believe it.  She stopped our milk.  Despite a lot of opposition she sent the British Forces umpteen thousand miles south to kick a load of Argies from a rock full of Penguins, Sheep and British settlers.  Three years later she began to close fossil fuel mines all over the country.  Whole societies came crumbling down, people naturally migrate to places of work and when the mines went, so did the people.  The only common bond here was a lack of work for those that stayed.  I remember seeing whole estates being boarded up where I used to live with my grandparents.  Boarded up after being vacated.  A lot more people began to sniff glue.  It was more noticeable in the mid 1980s.

But like they say, you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.  Societies like these were the eggs, but what the fuck was or is the Omelette?  Was there some utopia on the horizon; a world of renewable energy?  Not sure where she got the notion of shutting down mines, but these societies (that were bastions of dreams, memories and some legends) have been reforming for thousands of years.  It is no surprise that this would happen.  I see now, even in the streets of Rugby, in the midlands some people are withdrawn into their ‘spaces’, their own worlds.  Talking into their mini Ipods and smart phones and tablets; it’s only the older generation I see who frequent the Market on a Saturday morning and chatter, squabble and hark out their prices.  If we look at the generations of people as stratum in a layer of bedrock, you’ll see changes in the colour, when things happened in that timeline.  Trends and attitudes, some blending like the colours of rainbows or accents of languages.  I find that the UK follows the USA.  In 2010 whilst in New York, there were many people locked in their own frantic world, talking to the space in front of them.  Seemingly disconnected conversations with ghosts.  In the UK I see that the average ‘joe’ on the street is doing it now.  A bit like a zombie epidemic.

So… I’ve gone from an Iron Lady, an Omelette, Renewable Energy to a Zombie epidemic.  Fuck me.

I got lost somewhere.  What the fuck was I talking about?

That dude in Boston.  I heard a former School colleague on the radio talk about the surviving brother.  She said he was a good man and was nearly in tears.  She questioned the logic of how someone could be so different.  The gist of it was, she still thinks he’s a good man inside, but wonders why he did what he did.  The mother claimed it to be an FBI cover up.Conspiracy_Theory  If the FBI did do the bombing, the question is, why a Boston Marathon?  What purpose?  Conspiracy theories abound with every tragedy from The Falklands War, Moon Landings, 9/11, Iraq Invasion etc etc… the question is… Okay, so if these were done on purpose, planned or fakes, why?  What was the real reason?  Conspiracy theorists need to start looking at both sides of the story and become ambivalent, unbiased or else you begin to look a little crazy.  I don’t believe there’s an organisation called Al Qaeda – I think that’s just bullshit – ease of reference to any crazy group who wants to martyr themselves.  Moon landings probably did happen – the US could have bluffed it and let the USSR do the whole thing themselves and that would have fucked them over financially.  9/11 – by some covert US black ops…  Don’t think so.  We’re all human at the end of the day and to have 2.5k deaths on our conscience is likely to drive you a little mad.  It’s likely to leak out to the press as well.   Iraq Invasion?  Shite intelligence, though Saddam did have weapons of Mass Destruction – he had blister agent.  We’ve got that shit as well, so has the US – why doesn’t somebody come and invade us for a change.  The French did the UK successfully just under 1000 years ago.  Lady Di is a favourite of mine – she was bumped off by the Queen because she was with some Arab, didn’t want Arab blood in the family.  Insane bullshit.