Conspiracy Theories and the Great Russian Adventure

It’s the 2nd October and I’m writing the first blog post since January. The news is buzzing with yet another shooting at a US school and yet again the powerless President, who can bomb the fuck out of people in the middle-east with war planes, but can’t change his own gun laws.

Police State United States

Police State United States

This puzzled me until I heard a survivor of the latest shooting speak about the incident. The survivor (wounded and probably deserves a Purple Heart) said that they should have more guns to protect themselves. She also stipulated that if the other students were armed then this wouldn’t have happened. Another speaker mentioned about an ‘evil’ man and some ‘righteous’ people killing him. Well, all I can say is, thank fuck I don’t live in the US. Sounds pretty fucked up. Some people have flawed logic with religious overtones and I’m thinking there’s no hope for the US. Some people are still living the 1700s with amendments and bearing arms etc etc. This isn’t Hollywood, and those other survivors can probably tell you that.  Oh well, here’s to the next US massacre.  Sacrificing children for the sake of an amendment?  Is that a fair exchange?  Arming them to fend off ‘evil’ people?  Is that going to work?  Nah.  I don’t think so.

There’s a problem here and it’s endemic in the human species. We simple don’t perceive risk until it’s staring at us in the face, ready to kill us, maim us, and scare the shit out of us. These events will change people, turn them to religion and blame their luck on divine intervention. Some will be irreparably damaged, the scars running deep into their mind, haunted by guilt and tracing events that led up to the trauma. Time dislocates us from the immediacy of the trauma, unless we were intimately affected, directly or indirectly, we will forget and make the same mistakes that led us to the same event.

About as good as the Daily Mail

About as good as the Daily Mail

World War 2 and its horrors are testament to this, and yet, through the decades there are conspiracy theorists arguing the death toll of the industrial style killing of the camps. Conspiracy Theorists argued that there were significantly less than 6 million people slaughtered at the hands of the Nazis in their camps and by the action of the einsatzgruppen. I remember watching the documentary, that was narrated by a computer generated voice and thinking, who gives a damn whether it was only 2 million. Only 2 million (not sure if that was the figure they quoted)? Even it were only 300,000, it’s still a war crime and just as sick. A US Officer, upon entering one camp wanted everything filmed and photographed so that no one could deny it ever happened.

As flat as a pancake

As flat as a pancake

Despite this, people still deny it. Alongside this youtube video documentary there were other videos claiming that the earth was flat ‘The Flat Earth Society’ and that the ‘Moon Landings’ were fake, 9/11 attacks were caused by forces other than Al Qaeda. I’d look at the 9/11 documentaries and give them some real consideration as I do think that there is something else going on here – I don’t think it was caused by the US government. I think there were some serious fuck ups with regards to security and there was a cover up with regards to evidence. There will be and are plenty more people dying today and in the future due to the dust inhalation on that day and subsequent days following. A major constituent of the building would have been Asbestos and I’m sure there was plenty of those fibres being breathed in.

In Syria we’ve got the Russians intervening and the US are bumping their gums about collateral damage, civilian deaths…. Fuck me! Look who’s talking! What’s the US been doing the past 20 years in the Middle East? I bet it’s a lot longer. The Iraqis are more than happy to get the Russians on board, in fact they’re not fussy who helps them out. The Aim of the US and GB would be for the pacified countries of the Middle East to sort out the problem themselves, else we will be there for the indefinite future. The Iraqi Army doesn’t have the leadership to forge ahead and oust the ‘Daesh’ from their soil. Inevitably there will need to be a soldier presence on the ground from the western alliance. The Russians say they’ll be airstriking every fucker that opposed Assad – that includes the US and GB. Now there’s a potential flash point if I ever saw one. There’s been plenty in the past and this is no exception. I reckon, eventually, we’ll see masses of troops from the Ruskies and this will increase their Middle Eastern influence bringing them on par with the west.



Rise of the Bear and the Baby Factories of the IS

boris-nemtsovA Russian politician is shot dead on the streets of Moscow?  An opposer of Putin administration.  Well, there’s no surprises there then.  We can see the rise of the Russian bear, insidiously land grabbing the territories that claimed their independencies in the 1990s.  This is the first real threat to world peace since the early 60s.  I think the safest place to be right now is in the mountains of Argentina in the south of the country.
+++++Proxy wars have been going on for many years now.  In recent times since World War 2, we had the Korean War – a war between China and the USA.  The Viet Nam War – USA versus Russia.article-2388237-05C49D8E0000044D-369_634x504  The Afghanistan War – Russia versus USA.  Kosovo was a close call when the Russians decided to take Pristina Airport.  Now we have the Ukrainian troubles – USA versus Russia.  The Baltic states voiced their concern, but they’re members of NATO, the Russians wouldn’t stir up a hornet’s nest there, would they?  I’m stocking up on the cans of beans in the shed and planting tomatoes in the garden, just in case the balloon goes up: dig for victory and all that.


Baby Factories on the move

I wanted to steer away from IS, but I can’t.  It’s simple lies and deceit and trickery to entice young Muslim women to travel to their Caliphate to become baby factories.  Three girls failed by the government and the intelligence services?  I think that’s a little unfair.  There’s only so much the government can do without turning the country into a ‘Big Brother’ state.  The people to blame here are the parents.  That’s a bold statement, I know.  How did the three girls get out of the country?  There’s a counter argument to this.  You could say that society has alienated these people and that this is an escape to a better life, a clearer vision of the future.  Or so they think.  I’ll retract the blame on the parents.  I’ll apportion most of the blame onto them.  You can’t stop an 19 year old from going over there to fight for the IS.
+++++Like some soldiers in our ‘Legal’ armies, they’ll soon find out the harsh realities of war.  The kinetic energies involved and what the human body, mind can and can’t cope with.  Soon, they’ll come running, if they survive.  There’s a 19 year old boy soldier gone over there to fight IS.  Why?  It’s over 2,000 fucking miles away.  Why should it matter?  He’ll come back fucked up in the head, if he survives.  If not, the dogs will eat his body.  Let the Iraqis, Syrians, Turks, Jordanians and Iranians deal with them.  We’ve been bled enough for the oil under the ground.
+++++Those three sperm bags, sorry, but that’s what they’ll become, will be impregnated as soon as they’ve given birth.  Hopes of male offspring will abound, looks of disappointment at the birth of girls.  All for some vision of a future where women will be incarcerated in their Kitchens and Baby Rooms or Hospitals, while the men go off to fight the ‘Jihad’.

Knee jerk reactions from disenchanted Muslim teenagers are akin to clicking the agree button to an African offering $1,000,000 in bonds in a Spam Email.
+++++What do we do?  I saw somewhere that RE – Religious Education was now needed back in schools like it’s never done before.  I agree.  It needs to be balanced though.
+++++This integration into the known world, the mixing of creeds and religions will spark little ‘earthquakes’ while we meld.  If we don’t co-exist, we need to get off this fucking rock and colonise other rocks – Mars is next on the menu.  Then we’ll fuck that place up as well.

A Chemical Romance between Russia and Syria?

Holiday’s over now, so I’m starting to write again….

Where has the big bollocks of the USA gone?  Have we finally gotten sick of sending men and women over to hot and dusty countries to fight in the name of freedom?  It certainly looks like it.  I know the British went against David Cameron and fucked him right off.

Imagine, you’re at work and a rocket lands in your town killing everyone off – all your family.  You’re at work and you come home to find your children, your wife and all your friends dead.  What would you want to happen to the people who fired that rocket?  Naturally you’d want to annihilate the fucker.

There’s legal ethics and moral ethics.  Look what Saddam Hussein did to a town not far from where I’m typing this up.  He dropped a load of nerve agent on the town and killed the majority of the town off.  One of the maintenance guys here bears the scars of Saddam’s chemical attacks on his hands.  Nothing was done about that.  There were chemical exchanges during the gulf war of the 1980s, between Iraq and Iran.  Now there’s a smoking barrel if I ever saw one.  Isn’t nerve agent a Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD)?  So what, we didn’t find any in 2003, but Saddam did use it in 1988.A humble exit from further conflict

Now with Syria handing over its chemical weapons to Russia.  Isn’t that a bit like them admitted that they did it in the first place?  A bit like taking the catapult off a naughty child who’s just hit another kid with a rock. I don’t think the USA or that the UK were responsible for this attack in order for them to launch strikes.   I just think that’s some bullshit conspiracy theory that leaked from Russia.  I also don’t think that the Syrian rebels did it due to their lack of capability to even initiate a strike.  That leaves another faction that may have been involved – the Syrian Army.  All this pre-amble to a strike just diluted the anger like milk dissipating in a glass of milk.  The horror and the outrage has waned from the global scene, but I bet the people who had to examine the bodies still feel the anger.

I suppose it’s all to do with economic interest or economic interest in areas that might be affected in the region.  There’s billions of barrels of oil under the earth around that region and part of that reason has got to be the oil rather than the moral bullshit.  I go back to Africa : was there any military intervention in Rwanda?  Over a million died there?  Ten times the number of dead in Syria.  Is there any large oil reserves in Rwanda?  Probably not.

On a separate subject, I spent 3 weeks in Europe and I’m still mystified as to how I didn’t have an accident with a French driver.  I hate to tar every French driver with the same brush, but I found a high proportion of them who didn’t know how to use their indicators correctly.  Lots of drivers who were clearly in a hurry would race down the motorway at plus 100mph with an indicator flashing.  The indicator, had it meant to turn, would have meant they would have collided into the central barrier.  It was simply an indication that they wanted to overtake.  A lot of drivers left their indicators on and didn’t bother to turn them off, so I wasn’t sure whether ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ in the centre lane wanted to go into the fast lane or not.  Two close calls were from a Romanian Minibus as I was passing the border into Spain (Costa Brava) and a British Taxi as I was approaching the Dartford Tunnel (that fucker was on the phone – the fucking tit!).  Both drivers nearly broadsided me.

The route to the north looks like 'The Lost World'

The route to the north looks like ‘The Lost World’

I’ve got to admit I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty of France’s countryside and will want to visit there once more.  The people in the south were friendly and the beaches were nice, but not near Nice – too many pebbles.

Recommendations for the French : Get some sand for your beaches and do your test in UK.