Rise of the Bear and the Baby Factories of the IS

boris-nemtsovA Russian politician is shot dead on the streets of Moscow?  An opposer of Putin administration.  Well, there’s no surprises there then.  We can see the rise of the Russian bear, insidiously land grabbing the territories that claimed their independencies in the 1990s.  This is the first real threat to world peace since the early 60s.  I think the safest place to be right now is in the mountains of Argentina in the south of the country.
+++++Proxy wars have been going on for many years now.  In recent times since World War 2, we had the Korean War – a war between China and the USA.  The Viet Nam War – USA versus Russia.article-2388237-05C49D8E0000044D-369_634x504  The Afghanistan War – Russia versus USA.  Kosovo was a close call when the Russians decided to take Pristina Airport.  Now we have the Ukrainian troubles – USA versus Russia.  The Baltic states voiced their concern, but they’re members of NATO, the Russians wouldn’t stir up a hornet’s nest there, would they?  I’m stocking up on the cans of beans in the shed and planting tomatoes in the garden, just in case the balloon goes up: dig for victory and all that.


Baby Factories on the move

I wanted to steer away from IS, but I can’t.  It’s simple lies and deceit and trickery to entice young Muslim women to travel to their Caliphate to become baby factories.  Three girls failed by the government and the intelligence services?  I think that’s a little unfair.  There’s only so much the government can do without turning the country into a ‘Big Brother’ state.  The people to blame here are the parents.  That’s a bold statement, I know.  How did the three girls get out of the country?  There’s a counter argument to this.  You could say that society has alienated these people and that this is an escape to a better life, a clearer vision of the future.  Or so they think.  I’ll retract the blame on the parents.  I’ll apportion most of the blame onto them.  You can’t stop an 19 year old from going over there to fight for the IS.
+++++Like some soldiers in our ‘Legal’ armies, they’ll soon find out the harsh realities of war.  The kinetic energies involved and what the human body, mind can and can’t cope with.  Soon, they’ll come running, if they survive.  There’s a 19 year old boy soldier gone over there to fight IS.  Why?  It’s over 2,000 fucking miles away.  Why should it matter?  He’ll come back fucked up in the head, if he survives.  If not, the dogs will eat his body.  Let the Iraqis, Syrians, Turks, Jordanians and Iranians deal with them.  We’ve been bled enough for the oil under the ground.
+++++Those three sperm bags, sorry, but that’s what they’ll become, will be impregnated as soon as they’ve given birth.  Hopes of male offspring will abound, looks of disappointment at the birth of girls.  All for some vision of a future where women will be incarcerated in their Kitchens and Baby Rooms or Hospitals, while the men go off to fight the ‘Jihad’.

Knee jerk reactions from disenchanted Muslim teenagers are akin to clicking the agree button to an African offering $1,000,000 in bonds in a Spam Email.
+++++What do we do?  I saw somewhere that RE – Religious Education was now needed back in schools like it’s never done before.  I agree.  It needs to be balanced though.
+++++This integration into the known world, the mixing of creeds and religions will spark little ‘earthquakes’ while we meld.  If we don’t co-exist, we need to get off this fucking rock and colonise other rocks – Mars is next on the menu.  Then we’ll fuck that place up as well.

Religious extremism, Islamaphobia and Proportion

Murdering 132 children and 9 staff, many of them Muslim, is not going to help your cause.  In fact it’s going to help build up a resistance base to fight against the people who did this.  The people who did this belong to the group known as the Taliban.  What was the reason?  Through terror and fear?  Do they require obedience?  Do they require submission?  Shall we bow down to their demigod and convert to Islam?  If this is a taste of things to come, then I’m not particularly attracted to this sort of practice.

Not a very good way of attracting supporters to your cause.

Not a very good way of attracting supporters to your cause.

It doesn’t look too appealing to me.  I don’t pray to any god at the moment and I like eating pork.   I don’t want to see people shot, beheaded or burnt.  It’s not a very nice looking religion – in fact it looks fucking vile.  So – that ISIS style religion isn’t for me.  So… terror and fear tactics – does it work?  We’ve seen this over and over again and unfortunately for the dullard ideological fanatic, they obviously haven’t thought this through.  This sort of tactic has been tried and tested in the past, but hasn’t achieved their own objectives.  As fractious as they are and as fractious as Islam is, this may have serious ramifications on people’s views on Muslims and the Taliban.  Some would even link both in their entirety.  For the majority of the Muslims out there I think it necessary for them to ally themselves with the rest of the world to stem this wave of ideological barbarity.  The Taliban and their ilk are attempting to shake a hornets’ nest and it will only be a matter of time before we see something large happen.  Demonstrations in Germany have begun against Muslims.  Islamaphobia is on the increase.
+++++Let’s not kid ourselves, the practice of beheadings, burning people alive in the name of a religion occurred lots of times in Europe 16 – 18 generations ago.  Not a history buff, but 16-17th Century practices are being practiced in a 21st Century world.  I have friends who are anti-Muslim for this reason.
+++++The massacre of large populations of people are no stranger to our allies either.  Take ourselves for instance during World War 2 when we dropped tonnes of explosives on civilian population centres; after it was deemed immoral back in the 1930s to do such a thing.  It’s a War crime, isn’t it?  How do we know there aren’t allied POWs down in those cities, burning?  Not everyone in Germany supported the Nazi regime back then.
+++++The US in the phillipines massacred thousands of civilians over a century ago.  Bombed civilian population centres in Germany and Japan in World War 2.  They even went over to Viet Nam and fought the North Vietnamese Army, costing the US over half a million US casualties; many of them suicides.
+++++That doesn’t absolve the group who murdered 132 children and 9 staff.  Definitely not.  Though, dare I say it this has been going on, on a weekly basis in the Middle East (Syria, Iraq) and in Western Africa.
+++++Seven people a day die in the US through gun crime.  Until those who uphold the possession of these weapons experience the loss through gun crime I think this politically sensitive issue will not be resolved.
+++++The world police over the Atlantic, do they dictate what is morally right, or what it an outrage?  Do they have the outrage thermometer?  Or do they hold up the placard that says – BE ANGRY?  When the planes hit the towers, the Pentagon and crashed into a lonely field in Pennsylvania – there was outrage.  Many people died in those atrocities.  But if we only take the figures, the numbers here and compare them to the War Dead on the first day, the first hour of the Battle of the Somme, June 1916, this pales into insignificance.

Storm Troopers join the slaughter

Storm Troopers join the slaughter

Or the Battle of Verdun where a total of over 2 million casualties were sustained.  What did we have to record the events back in 1915 – 16?  Letters and the odd surviving, worn photograph, slightly frayed at the edges.  In 2001, we were surging in our telecommunications, media, technology.  Every facet of the electromagnetic spectrum was being strummed like the chords of a guitar with information transfers.  Millions upon millions of bits and bytes of info up until the nose of the airliner smashed into the floor of the tower.  As astonished workers raised their hands in self defence and thousands of gallons of aviation fuel flooded the building, pulses of information streamed to loved ones and to the world.  That’s it.  It’s recorded in visceral, minute, painful detail.  Every thought and plea is recorded, transmitted and is still travelling through space and is about 13 Light Years distance from us now.  Alpha Centauri ; our galactic neighbour, if there’s life… and it has the means to pick this up and understand it will be thinking.  What the fuck?  If they have the technology – do you think they’d bother to come over, covering the vast distance of space.  Nah,  they’ll probably think – by the time we reach there, they’ll be extinct.
+++++I think we need to grow up here.  We, meaning bipedal humans.  It’s like we’re still in the pre-college years.  We’ve come out of the Infants school and we’re still trying to deal with each other in Primary School.  There’s rivalry on the schoolyard and we’re still getting into fights.  The other kids will crowd around us and chant ‘FIGHT, FIGHT,FIGHT!!’  ‘ or ‘PILE ON!!!’  At school, I was generally the one on the bottom!
+++++Maybe we need a headmaster?  The US or the UK doesn’t really have a good credit rating when it comes to morality so that’s them off the list.  How about the friendly people of Luxembourg?  I know fuck all about Luxembourg – isn’t that a good thing?  I mean, all we seem to hear about is how bad people are.  Luxembourg would be an excellent host for a Supreme President of the World.  I think we would need someone strong enough to control the many different peoples of the planet.  Makes me think of the Tito of Yugoslavia who held together 8 mini nations and 7 ethnic groups yaddee yaddee yah.  Saddam Hussain was a strong leader, but he was a ruthless fucker who massacred people.  Uncle Jo Stalin, was a paranoid, lunatic – murdered millions of people – so no good.
+++++Democracy would probably be a bad thing here.  Look how complicated it is.  The US political system is that complicated they can’t even ban guns.  This new government – or Regime…. or System should be Totalitarian / Dictatorial, but in the interests of the majority here on the Earth.  If we’d done something earlier in the 20th Century, then maybe we’d enjoy some of Arthur C Clarke’s visions of the 21st Century right now.  Trips to the moon and Jupiter.

Alchemy, murder and darwinism… Survival of the fittest, or the richest.

Kurdistan has some of the most beautiful skies.

Kurdistan has some of the most beautiful skies.

The sky was a salmon pink and below the hue I saw lightning play among the indigos and purples.  There’s rain coming.  You can smell it in the air, or perhaps that’s the damp soil.  Regardless, there’s a shore of rain making its way to the mountains in the north, over to Turkey.  An angry deity makes a drum roll and take out my Phone Camera to take an image.  A camera made from the same substances as the trees that surround our camp.

Can you believe it?  It’s Alchemy, a Magician’s trick, it’s a fucking miracle.  That stuff we dig up, we’ve now turned it into something that’s durable, bendy and stops water from going through it.  Even glass was a miracle – you can see through walls with that stuff.  I didn’t know you got glass from sand.

This phone which can store several thousand libraries information, compressed into ASCII codes and… I don’t know – it’s amazing how quickly we’ve come.  If you chart the speed of progress the chart won’t look like anything with normal distribution, but a slow curve until it reaches the likes of Faraday and then it goes vertical in the early 20th Century – and it keeps on going up.  The only thing we need to do now is abolish religion for the good of the planet.

It’s only time before one of those Deity fearing groups take a nuclear weapon from loosely controlled countries like Russia and Pakistan.  A group took over a shopping mall – 59 dead at the time of writing this – and it will rise to over 90 most likely.  I’ve seen images on a New York News website of people lying in their own shit and blood.  There’s a trend here of all the nasty attacks by groups, they’re Muslim.  That’s a trend that doesn’t bode well with the normal Muslim i.e. the Muslim that serves my rice at dinner.

Hopefully they didn't suffer.

Hopefully they didn’t suffer.

I’ve seen this happen before.  It’s a way of making non-muslim go against the muslim and putting a wedge between the ignorant non-muslims and the ignorant muslims.  It’s going to happen and when it does it’ll be ugly.  What does this group think that the west or Kenya is going to do?  Pull its troops out of Somalia?  I’d love to see the ‘think tank’ for Al-Shabaab.  They obviously didn’t think this through.  If you’re going to do some damage, get a fucking big rocket, tipped with a chemical or nuclear warhead and point it at New York or London.  Watch a couple of James Bond movies for some tips.  Or Despicable Me.  Just watching images of these murderers’ work makes me an enemy of them.  I will fight against these people.  They have recruited enemies to fight against them.  If they catch the lady, they should imprison her and let her live out her days behind bars.  If the Kenyan government is to blame for thousands of deaths, then the Kenyan government should be put on trial, or take on the government rather than a load of unarmed civilians.  That’s not even human. We could have a debate on morality and those people don’t fit into the accepted scope of morality we have taken and developed over hundreds of years.  I don’t think we’re prepared to go back.  It’s not in our nature.  Funny enough, that leads me onto my next topic… Darwinism.

Darwin said that animals live by a set of loosely bounded rules.  One of them was something about survival of the fittest and that to attract a mate you had to be successful which usually mean survival in whatever context that was.  Today I see that in many news articles such as 28 year old woman marries a 93 year old man, to the anger of the old man’s family.  It makes me think if this is pure greed or pity. SocialDWordle The family of the billionaire… oh yeah, I forgot he’s got a lot of money which would go to the woman if he died.  So she’s done her homework here, by the sound of it.  How long’s he got left?  It could be anything from 5 minutes to 20 years.  There’s some bird (about 50) married to a 94 year old billionaire – naturally she’s beautiful and about to become the richest woman on the planet.  So money equals success – does confidence mean success, regardless of the money?  I can imagine the anger the family has over this…  some bird who’s only 30 showing her tits to the old man and keeping him happy before he pops his clogs.  What’s wrong with that?  Die happy.  But then again, don’t we want to hand over the legacy of our hard work to our offspring, rather than some greedy Harpy?