Anti Islam Protests in Germany and the Fifth Reich

The Fifth Reich is in danger of raising its head if the rallies in Germany carry on.  It looks like the rallies of the 1920s in Germany, except this time Germany isn’t on her knees so maybe this wave of dissent might wane.  But we’ve got growing waves anti-Muslim in the UK – these flames are being fanned by events overseas.  Coupled with this we’ve then got the divisive US, a fractured country with many problems ahead for herself.  The American people will need to stay strong, unite and overcome their differences, and sort out their political and enforcement problems.  Looking from afar, this sort of reinforces my analogy of school days.  We’re still in Primary School here – Year 4.  I doubt we’ll ever start to drop borders because many of us are in Infants’ School – Year 1 or 2.

We were pretty stable, barring pandemic here and there, back before the 19th Century, then when we started to bring weapons onto the scene and use them in an industrial capacity we started to get closer to midnight.  That’s the doomsday clock.  We’re currently at 23:55hrs.  Back in the 19th Century we were years away from midnight.

You’re probably wondering where the Fourth Reich went.  It’s already here.  Angela Merkel is its head.  She’s in charge and it’s all our fault.  We’ve got ourselves to blame.  We were close to bombing Germany into the Stone Age back in the 1940s.  We showed merciless ferocity that matched the Nazi’s Zeal.  I think, ultimately it was jealousy that started the 2nd World War and the Germans did what the US wanted to happen to the UK. Empire 01 The US were vocally opposed to Empires and didn’t like the UK for that reason despite claiming Hawaii and Guam in the Philippines.  Adolf Hitler went down in Berlin and took the British Empire with him.  It seemed the vortex in Berlin that was his bunker sucked in all that British influence with him, all that money.  Looking at it from the other side, the UK were slaughtering the natives in Western Africa at the turn of the century,  Benin and all those smaller countries, their treasures raped.  What did Germany have?  A small country in Western Africa – the Germans were pretty brutal there too.  All in all Europe was a Kindergarten full of 2 year olds and we got into a fight over the spoils of the world.

Glasgow is suffering for the second year on the trot.  They hit the headlines.  6 Dead on the streets of Glasgow.  What the fuck!?  Islamic terrorists!?  NO!  Apparently the driver of the rubbish truck was slumped over the wheel.  Might be a heart attack.  3 days from Xmas?  That’s way too close.

Also in the news: the mummified remains of a woman was found in her home.  She was thought to have been there for 7 years.  How the fuck can this happen in the 21st Century???  Simple.  We don’t have that community spirit anymore.  Some comments were that people should call on their neighbours during Xmas.  I endorse the spirit of Xmas, but it shouldn’t just be for one time of the year.  It’s like all these charities that come out of the woodwork at Xmas.

If Hitler had won World War 2 and Santa Claus

Scarred for life.

Scarred for life.

People will call me a madman and to a certain respect, they’d be right, so I’m going to muddy my feet: that’s what the subtitle of my Website says.

I saw a Facebook post which showed what looked like some Muslim Cleric parading around the streets of London condemning the sale of alcohol.  You will be whipped if you are caught, apparently.  Not sure if that’s a punishment the Crown Court can dish out.  Better watch that space in future.  The Caliphate of the United Kingdom is on the horizon.

What would have happened if we’d let that ‘little Corporal’ from Austria marched over to the UK and bring it under the Third Reich?  Well, for a start we wouldn’t be having any of this nonsense with people chanting ‘death to the infidels’ in London.  I think Hitler would be dead now – that’s a ‘given’.   He probably wouldn’t have been the most liked leader and would have passed on a waning legacy.  Its Nationalistic fervor that reached its peak in the 1930s would have probably died down around now.  Germany’s expansionism would have stopped at the Atlantic wall and gone no further due to America’s industrial might and military strength.  The German empire would reach parts of Africa and just beyond Moscow.  The Middle East would be independent and the British would still be British; exercising a limited role with an administration in Berlin to direct it.

The death sentence would still be in play and there’d be a gradual relaxing of laws banning Gays.  There’d be an inner ring that would only allow white people into it.  That would be Europe – the untermenschen would be relocated to Africa and to the far east of old USSR.

There’d be no National Front, or Combat 18, or EDL.  We’d have children growing up in a militaristic type of life with mandatory 2 years’ service.

Which football team is that?

Which football team is that?

We would have nuclear weapons as the scientist that fled to the USSR would have been caught (the ones who escaped execution).  Two world powers would dominate the world – the USA and Germany.  Japan would have crumbled as the USA would have eventually smashed them up – only one front to fight on – the western pacific.

The Holocaust would be an embarrassing hiccup in Germany’s history during the War that lasted only 4 years.  It ended in 1943 when the UK capitulated following the successful seaborne invasion (Operation SeaLion).  Sounds like a Richard Harris novel.

Manned missions to the moon would be common occurrence and a mission to Mars may have already happened – what use that would have been in this alternative present day; who knows?   The USA and Germany have been negotiating since the 1980s and an agreement has been made to work on a joint space station.

What I want to know is, is there anything wrong with National Socialism?  It’s like saying, is there anything wrong with Communism?  Both Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin fucked up both concepts by murdering millions of people.  They gave both of these concepts, especially National Socialism a shitty name.  Certain words have bad connotations.  The word Nigger comes from a couple of origins one, notably from Latin, niger,  which means black.  The word had power back in the 1980s and 1990s, but for some reason it’s lost its potency.  Time has stripped away the shock factor at its very utterance.  Maybe this has something to do with cultural diversity and acceptance.  We enjoy this today and the yanks have their very own black President, yet they’re still very much divided in parts of that unruly country.  What about the word Nazi – that word still reeks of 6 million dead jews.  So does Swastika, despite being used by the Finnish Air Force in 1918, on their aircraft.  Imagine if the Nazis used the Shamrock as their motif.  Now the word cunt is just plain nasty.  Irvine Welsh likes to use that word and has even used it as the title for a short story of his, A Smart Cunt.  Pure genius.  I think it’s the sound it makes and its abrupt shortness that just makes it plain dirty.

I reckon we’re going to get wacked by some big ass country with a lot of nuclear weapons and who are blasting rockets into the space.  To survive in this world we either develop as a species and get some massive organization up and running – the UN for instance and get every fucker on the planet talking.  If not – stock up on those weapons and keep the restless natives at bay.  He who has the biggest and sharpest teeth will succeed in the end.  It’s not the ‘smart’ Chess moves that are going to win a war but the hammer that will smash the chess board to pieces.  Unfortunately not everyone is willing to talk on the planet.  Cyber warfare is only good if the opposition have the facilities to be hacked.  If not, then you’re fucked.

I love this photo.  Again.  Scarred for life.

I love this photo. Again. Scarred for life.

So Christmas is here.  Not in Iraq’s Kurdistan it isn’t.  A fucking fake Christmas tree costs $100 USD and I bet it’s a shitty locally manufactured one, or a Chinese one.  If it’s a Chinese Xmas tree the lights that come free with it will start a fire within an hour of them being on.  FACT!  That reminds me of that blonde American news bird stating that Santa is real and he’s most definitely white.  Despite a load of people on Facebook being shocked at these statements, the newsreader (forget the Blonde hair bit) is absolutely fucking right.  Santa is real (wink, wink to the kids watching the TV) and he’s most definitely not black, green OR purple.  And he’s not a fucking Penguin as some thick, ‘politically correct’, cunt suggested he should be.  See how I included the word cunt there?  So who is Santa? He’s probably the descendent of an old god worshipped by some pre-biblical era culture.  So, Santa is real.  He likes children. He comes down the chimney in the early hours of the morning and drinks your sherry.  FACT!  And don’t fucking forget it.  Somebody on FB said he didn’t believe in anything, but was suspicious of loads of shit.