The New European Frontline

There’s a price to pay for technological advances in transport and the death of colonialism.  The EU, the inclusivist, leftist acceptance of other races, nations, religions and creeds have brought with them a whole range of problems.  The 20th Century has really fucked us up – we were on a trajectory for ruling the world, then someone went ahead and scuppered our plans.  Fuckers.nacht
+++++Now we’ve got integration, extremism, feminism, liberalism, nazism, racism and any other type of ism you can think of.  Our destination is fraught with difficulty, one which we’ll be fighting elements within ourselves that want to change the society as a whole.  A sort of revolution if you like, but with a saboteur, partisan, asymmetrical slant.  There’s going to be the sort of unrest Germany saw in 1920s and 1930s in wider Europe, but not against the Semitic race, but against religions.
+++++Today there was a scene in Paris that could have been the scene out of a Hollywood movie.  I kept on thinking about the street shoot out in Heat when I saw the holes that a volley of 7.62 short rounds had done to a Police Car’s windscreen.  There’s a lot more of ‘them’ here in Europe than we think and it’s going to get worse.  If anything it’ll keep us on our toes I suppose.


A Chemical Romance between Russia and Syria?

Holiday’s over now, so I’m starting to write again….

Where has the big bollocks of the USA gone?  Have we finally gotten sick of sending men and women over to hot and dusty countries to fight in the name of freedom?  It certainly looks like it.  I know the British went against David Cameron and fucked him right off.

Imagine, you’re at work and a rocket lands in your town killing everyone off – all your family.  You’re at work and you come home to find your children, your wife and all your friends dead.  What would you want to happen to the people who fired that rocket?  Naturally you’d want to annihilate the fucker.

There’s legal ethics and moral ethics.  Look what Saddam Hussein did to a town not far from where I’m typing this up.  He dropped a load of nerve agent on the town and killed the majority of the town off.  One of the maintenance guys here bears the scars of Saddam’s chemical attacks on his hands.  Nothing was done about that.  There were chemical exchanges during the gulf war of the 1980s, between Iraq and Iran.  Now there’s a smoking barrel if I ever saw one.  Isn’t nerve agent a Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD)?  So what, we didn’t find any in 2003, but Saddam did use it in 1988.A humble exit from further conflict

Now with Syria handing over its chemical weapons to Russia.  Isn’t that a bit like them admitted that they did it in the first place?  A bit like taking the catapult off a naughty child who’s just hit another kid with a rock. I don’t think the USA or that the UK were responsible for this attack in order for them to launch strikes.   I just think that’s some bullshit conspiracy theory that leaked from Russia.  I also don’t think that the Syrian rebels did it due to their lack of capability to even initiate a strike.  That leaves another faction that may have been involved – the Syrian Army.  All this pre-amble to a strike just diluted the anger like milk dissipating in a glass of milk.  The horror and the outrage has waned from the global scene, but I bet the people who had to examine the bodies still feel the anger.

I suppose it’s all to do with economic interest or economic interest in areas that might be affected in the region.  There’s billions of barrels of oil under the earth around that region and part of that reason has got to be the oil rather than the moral bullshit.  I go back to Africa : was there any military intervention in Rwanda?  Over a million died there?  Ten times the number of dead in Syria.  Is there any large oil reserves in Rwanda?  Probably not.

On a separate subject, I spent 3 weeks in Europe and I’m still mystified as to how I didn’t have an accident with a French driver.  I hate to tar every French driver with the same brush, but I found a high proportion of them who didn’t know how to use their indicators correctly.  Lots of drivers who were clearly in a hurry would race down the motorway at plus 100mph with an indicator flashing.  The indicator, had it meant to turn, would have meant they would have collided into the central barrier.  It was simply an indication that they wanted to overtake.  A lot of drivers left their indicators on and didn’t bother to turn them off, so I wasn’t sure whether ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ in the centre lane wanted to go into the fast lane or not.  Two close calls were from a Romanian Minibus as I was passing the border into Spain (Costa Brava) and a British Taxi as I was approaching the Dartford Tunnel (that fucker was on the phone – the fucking tit!).  Both drivers nearly broadsided me.

The route to the north looks like 'The Lost World'

The route to the north looks like ‘The Lost World’

I’ve got to admit I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty of France’s countryside and will want to visit there once more.  The people in the south were friendly and the beaches were nice, but not near Nice – too many pebbles.

Recommendations for the French : Get some sand for your beaches and do your test in UK.