Anti Islam Protests in Germany and the Fifth Reich

The Fifth Reich is in danger of raising its head if the rallies in Germany carry on.  It looks like the rallies of the 1920s in Germany, except this time Germany isn’t on her knees so maybe this wave of dissent might wane.  But we’ve got growing waves anti-Muslim in the UK – these flames are being fanned by events overseas.  Coupled with this we’ve then got the divisive US, a fractured country with many problems ahead for herself.  The American people will need to stay strong, unite and overcome their differences, and sort out their political and enforcement problems.  Looking from afar, this sort of reinforces my analogy of school days.  We’re still in Primary School here – Year 4.  I doubt we’ll ever start to drop borders because many of us are in Infants’ School – Year 1 or 2.

We were pretty stable, barring pandemic here and there, back before the 19th Century, then when we started to bring weapons onto the scene and use them in an industrial capacity we started to get closer to midnight.  That’s the doomsday clock.  We’re currently at 23:55hrs.  Back in the 19th Century we were years away from midnight.

You’re probably wondering where the Fourth Reich went.  It’s already here.  Angela Merkel is its head.  She’s in charge and it’s all our fault.  We’ve got ourselves to blame.  We were close to bombing Germany into the Stone Age back in the 1940s.  We showed merciless ferocity that matched the Nazi’s Zeal.  I think, ultimately it was jealousy that started the 2nd World War and the Germans did what the US wanted to happen to the UK. Empire 01 The US were vocally opposed to Empires and didn’t like the UK for that reason despite claiming Hawaii and Guam in the Philippines.  Adolf Hitler went down in Berlin and took the British Empire with him.  It seemed the vortex in Berlin that was his bunker sucked in all that British influence with him, all that money.  Looking at it from the other side, the UK were slaughtering the natives in Western Africa at the turn of the century,  Benin and all those smaller countries, their treasures raped.  What did Germany have?  A small country in Western Africa – the Germans were pretty brutal there too.  All in all Europe was a Kindergarten full of 2 year olds and we got into a fight over the spoils of the world.

Glasgow is suffering for the second year on the trot.  They hit the headlines.  6 Dead on the streets of Glasgow.  What the fuck!?  Islamic terrorists!?  NO!  Apparently the driver of the rubbish truck was slumped over the wheel.  Might be a heart attack.  3 days from Xmas?  That’s way too close.

Also in the news: the mummified remains of a woman was found in her home.  She was thought to have been there for 7 years.  How the fuck can this happen in the 21st Century???  Simple.  We don’t have that community spirit anymore.  Some comments were that people should call on their neighbours during Xmas.  I endorse the spirit of Xmas, but it shouldn’t just be for one time of the year.  It’s like all these charities that come out of the woodwork at Xmas.

Land ownership and the Falklands Islands question

British Hegemony and Land Ownership

British Hegemony and Land Ownership

Before you read any further, just to get this straight – this post is an objective view on territorial rights and what constitutes as ownership of a piece of land.  The Falklands Islands are an example of a contest over this.  I fully respect both warring factions who came together in a clash of arms in 1982, they were only doing what they were told to do by Galtieri and Thatcher.  Maybe they both should been put in a ring and told to fight it out – we would have saved a lot of lives doing that.  I daresay Thatcher would have won.

Do we have our name on that?  Is our name written in the DNA samples of the soil?  Can we testify that the soil I’m standing on is definitley BRITISH?  Probably not.  It’s assumed to be ours, because we’ve always been here.  But how long do we have to be occupants of a land before we can call it our own?  My assumption is that we (homo-sapien) were once a migratory people who moved with the food.  There are tribes around the Arctic circle – in Russia and the scandinavien countries that hold onto similar practises.  We got our bearings, formulated communities and cultivated the land.  There we began to create territory, gave it a name and became wary of our neighbours.  And so begins the very beginnings of conflict on a large scale.  Territorial rights are contested and before long our ideals are contested.

How long do we wait?  Do we count in generations or Earth years?  The rule could be, if you hold onto this scrap of turf for 500 years then it is truly yours.  What happens if a tsunami sweeps a nearby sea over it and your land is buried.  Is there some for of divine insurance that will give you a lump sum of acres?  Or are you just dumb lucked out?

I’m responding to sovereign claims to pieces of rock that jut out of the Earth’s oceans.  I’m talking about the Falkland Islands.  Who gave that Island to the British?  Nobody gave it to the British, because nobody owned it in the first place – a load of Penguins can hardly give legal status to Britain’s claim to the island.

The legitimate owners of the Falklands

The legitimate owners of the Falklands

The Argentinean Government insists its claim to the Island and give it the name ‘Malvinas’, a name that has it’s origins in Saint-Malo, in France.  Where are the Falklands/Malvinas?  They’re about 300 miles from the coastline of South America and were once united with Africa when the continent was called Godwana, but since has parted and become party to a dispute between two nations some 400 million years later.

From the outside looking in, it looks like a couple of archipelagoes covered in Penguins and Sheep and with nothing else to offer.  But, underneath this rugged landscape are a wealth of Hydrocarbons.  There it is, the motivation to hold onto this island.  You could argue the point that the British are there now – why change its name and its peoples nationality?  Surely that’s what will happen?  Looking at the gross size difference and you see that the Falklands/Malvinas are is 0.4% the size of Argentina.  What could the Malvinas/Falklands offer to Argentina – apart from all that oil and natural gas.

The Spanish landed in the area over 500 years ago and is it this number that gives a colonial power the legitimacy over a couple of islands?  What about the previous occupants of Argentina – or that land where Argentina is located?  Do we hand that back to the indigenous tribes there?  How did we ever get our hands on such countries and territories?  We slaughtered people to get where we are now.  We converted them to Christianity or similar monotheistic beliefs.  The Argentinean government say that the democratic vote of the Island’s occupants don’t come into the question of whether the Islands are theirs.  The Malvinas belong to Argentina – no questions asked.

What we have to ask ourselves is, would the islanders be willing to convert to Pesos and speak Argentinean?  It looks like a stand-off will ensue until another Argentinean government comes in and decided to shelve the idea.  The ordinary Argentinean citizen probably doesn’t care about a couple of Islands, and those who remember the War 31 years previously might not care either.  What’s the outcome of another war?

The human cost of land disputes

The human cost of land disputes

Conventional or Nuclear strikes on Buenos Aires?  Or a 50/50 split down the middle – the Argies can have the West Side and the UK, the East Side.  There would be mediation from prominent US actors who feel they have a voice in the issue of land ownership several thousand miles from their own shores.  How would that sound, I bet there would be feeling of outright chagrin at that thought as the British shoulder the adopted Bulldog stance and challenge anyone who wants to obtain territory it claims its own.  If an impending war was to loom on the horizon there would be a ‘Keep Calm – Carry On’ attitude to the whole debacle.  There would be backing for and against a land retrieval.  The British may not have enough forces to deflect an Argentinean force and be forced to evacuate the entire population of the islands under the terms of an Argentinean agreement.  This would only occur if the UK are muzzled from using their nuclear arsenal.  Otherwise an escalation of force would leave the UK no choice than to drop a small nuclear device on the Puerto Belgrano, a large Argentine Naval Base.  There would be outright condemnation from the rest of the world, but no one else will lend a hand to help the second country in the World’s history to be subject to the detonation of an atomic weapon.

Didn’t Britain own two thirds of the world.  Our hegemony stretched from one end to the other.  Isn’t that ours?  All that soil.  What do you reckon?  Should we take it all back, bare our teeth and threaten the world.  Of course not.  The British would get spanked.  I think we had our apogee on the empire/ hegemony graph.  The Romans had theirs 2000 years ago.  The US are having theirs now and the Chinese are emerging too.  Might be a bit of a clash on the horizon there.