Chapter One

The luck ran out of me like water running through a sieve. I could feel it drain through me. They rest of the convoy were there one minute and gone the next. What kind of God lets that shit happen. I kicked the door to the landrover – FUCK! Jimmy laughed. I hopped on one foot while holding the other.
+++++“Where the fuck did they go!?” I asked. I think I asked God that question.
+++++“Over the hill and far away by the look of it, mate. I’ll check the radio,” Jimmy seemed upbeat. What the fuck did he have to be so upbeat for?
+++++Check the fucking radio. I hadn’t changed the batteries.
+++++“Nah. Dead.”
Chapter 01-2+++++“Convoy drills! Check your rear view mirror. Don’t let the vehicle behind you go more than 100 meters!” And there was I, chastising the men about rules. Talking about the rules – rules I’d broken this morning when I didn’t change the batteries to the radio. No comms, no bombs.
+++++I thought I was meant to be luckiest man alive?
+++++Jimmy jumped down from the truck and pissed against the front wheel. “Could be worse. We could be in Afghanistan.”
+++++“Very fucking funny.” 15 miles from Sangin, Aab Do was to our north by my estimation and FOB Inkerman was 12 miles to the south. “We’ve got 2 options as far as I can see,” I climbed onto bonnet as Jimmy zipped up his fly and let loose a reverberating ‘boil in the bag’ fart. “We wait here – in the middle of this lovely poppy field or we can head off on foot for FOB Incoming.”
+++++My mother said I was lucky. Mummy’s little soldier.
+++++“If we trek back to FOB Inkerman. We might get there by sun down, if we don’t get ambushed, stand on a land mine or get shot at by the locals,” Jimmy said.
+++++“Not sure waiting here’s a good idea either. Somebody’s bound to come down here sooner or later. It’s ….” I heard it first then Jimmy. The buzz of a motor, I reached into the rover and grabbed my rifle.
+++++“Not sure mate,” I reply. It didn’t sound like any motor bike I’ve heard before. The tall stalks of the poppy field shielded us from wider view. I was thankful for breaking down in the tall fields, else we’d be taking fire right now.
+++++“Oh, you’ve got to be shitting me?” Jimmy was pointing the rifle up into the sky, looking through the scope at something.
+++++“It’s Stuart Little.”
+++++Stuart Little?” I looked up and understood. I began to wave my arms at the dot in the sky. A hand held Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or drone as they’re known nowadays. Some twat in a FOB would be looking down, hopefully they’d see us.
+++++I could make it out. It’s shape. A little microlite hand model airplane, eye in the sky. My luck was back – I was beginning to feel it rise from my feet to my legs, to my….
+++++That’s when Little Stuart began his spiral to the earth and then I heard the cracks of rifle fire. Jimmy and I exchanged looks. My luck began to piss out of me.