Conspiracy Theories and the Great Russian Adventure

It’s the 2nd October and I’m writing the first blog post since January. The news is buzzing with yet another shooting at a US school and yet again the powerless President, who can bomb the fuck out of people in the middle-east with war planes, but can’t change his own gun laws.

Police State United States

Police State United States

This puzzled me until I heard a survivor of the latest shooting speak about the incident. The survivor (wounded and probably deserves a Purple Heart) said that they should have more guns to protect themselves. She also stipulated that if the other students were armed then this wouldn’t have happened. Another speaker mentioned about an ‘evil’ man and some ‘righteous’ people killing him. Well, all I can say is, thank fuck I don’t live in the US. Sounds pretty fucked up. Some people have flawed logic with religious overtones and I’m thinking there’s no hope for the US. Some people are still living the 1700s with amendments and bearing arms etc etc. This isn’t Hollywood, and those other survivors can probably tell you that.  Oh well, here’s to the next US massacre.  Sacrificing children for the sake of an amendment?  Is that a fair exchange?  Arming them to fend off ‘evil’ people?  Is that going to work?  Nah.  I don’t think so.

There’s a problem here and it’s endemic in the human species. We simple don’t perceive risk until it’s staring at us in the face, ready to kill us, maim us, and scare the shit out of us. These events will change people, turn them to religion and blame their luck on divine intervention. Some will be irreparably damaged, the scars running deep into their mind, haunted by guilt and tracing events that led up to the trauma. Time dislocates us from the immediacy of the trauma, unless we were intimately affected, directly or indirectly, we will forget and make the same mistakes that led us to the same event.

About as good as the Daily Mail

About as good as the Daily Mail

World War 2 and its horrors are testament to this, and yet, through the decades there are conspiracy theorists arguing the death toll of the industrial style killing of the camps. Conspiracy Theorists argued that there were significantly less than 6 million people slaughtered at the hands of the Nazis in their camps and by the action of the einsatzgruppen. I remember watching the documentary, that was narrated by a computer generated voice and thinking, who gives a damn whether it was only 2 million. Only 2 million (not sure if that was the figure they quoted)? Even it were only 300,000, it’s still a war crime and just as sick. A US Officer, upon entering one camp wanted everything filmed and photographed so that no one could deny it ever happened.

As flat as a pancake

As flat as a pancake

Despite this, people still deny it. Alongside this youtube video documentary there were other videos claiming that the earth was flat ‘The Flat Earth Society’ and that the ‘Moon Landings’ were fake, 9/11 attacks were caused by forces other than Al Qaeda. I’d look at the 9/11 documentaries and give them some real consideration as I do think that there is something else going on here – I don’t think it was caused by the US government. I think there were some serious fuck ups with regards to security and there was a cover up with regards to evidence. There will be and are plenty more people dying today and in the future due to the dust inhalation on that day and subsequent days following. A major constituent of the building would have been Asbestos and I’m sure there was plenty of those fibres being breathed in.

In Syria we’ve got the Russians intervening and the US are bumping their gums about collateral damage, civilian deaths…. Fuck me! Look who’s talking! What’s the US been doing the past 20 years in the Middle East? I bet it’s a lot longer. The Iraqis are more than happy to get the Russians on board, in fact they’re not fussy who helps them out. The Aim of the US and GB would be for the pacified countries of the Middle East to sort out the problem themselves, else we will be there for the indefinite future. The Iraqi Army doesn’t have the leadership to forge ahead and oust the ‘Daesh’ from their soil. Inevitably there will need to be a soldier presence on the ground from the western alliance. The Russians say they’ll be airstriking every fucker that opposed Assad – that includes the US and GB. Now there’s a potential flash point if I ever saw one. There’s been plenty in the past and this is no exception. I reckon, eventually, we’ll see masses of troops from the Ruskies and this will increase their Middle Eastern influence bringing them on par with the west.



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  1. Hey Craig
    So I have to toss in my two cents here on the gun control part of this…I’ll leave Russia to you as you’re closer.

    Yes our government is weak on this issue, but solving this is not so easy.

    First I’ll tell you that I am days away from being 49…I’ve been a gun owner for more than 40 of those years and have attended numerous hunter safety and firearms safety courses over those years starting at 10 years of age.

    Both of my children have attended these courses also and we (three) enjoy our time together at the range shooting clay or paper targets. It’s relaxing and harmless fun.

    I look forward to taking my two grandsons when they are old enough and hope to make the same memories for them that I remember hunting pheasant with my granddad as a boy.

    I own several which are kept in a locked steel cabinet (gun safe) and due to the two little ones mentioned above, most have trigger locks also…so they are double locked for safety. Ammunition is also locked away.

    (As a side note I laugh that if someone where to enter my place with bad intent…they would have to give me a full 5 minutes to unlock the safe, unlock a weapon and load it to provide some form of protection?)

    There are at least three types of people in possession of firearms in the US

    Those (legal…law abiding…safe) gun owners like myself. We probably make up 98/9% of the total and harm no one.

    Street thugs and criminals who do not or will not follow the law no matter how much the population bitches about firearms. These guys do kill people but rarely make the news

    And then there are folks that are not quite right for one reason or another? These guys kill lots of people and do make the news

    Our government know who the legal owners are through registration, ammo sales and the courses mentioned above.

    They have no fucking idea who the thugs are or where they hide and I honestly don’t believe that they care. Job security maybe?

    And have less of a clue as to who will go off and do some dumbfuck thing like the shooting that you mentioned in Oregon yesterday.

    So the choices for the government are difficult…they can take all of the legal guns and not make one fucking dent in crime or the shootings that take place here and have a pissed off population of sporting enthusiasts that do no harm.

    Or they can man up and go after the criminal element that you and I and others like us, like to write about…but they won’t. They never really have.

    And they do not dare to go after the ill that do most of the mass shooting for fear of offending that part of the population. It would be some kind of discrimination?

    So you see Craig…most of the gun owners and I must be talking about 98% of what must be millions of private weapons never cause harm to anyone.

    A small percentage (criminals) do cause harm, but will never respond to the law. They never have and never will?

    And an even smaller percentage of folks who are unstable for some reason or another and shouldn’t be allowed to use a fucking kitchen knife or a baseball bat, let alone a firearm?

    So having that said…I read on the internet that guns take innocent lives. Mine must be defective as they have never hurt anyone?

    Yes our government is fucked up as they would rather spend their time trying to figure out how to disarm me (which will do nothing more that create a scarp pile of steel)…than to go after the criminal element and make a dent in the killings?

    By the way…I believe Chicago has the highest gun crime rate per capita. That’s the home of our current President

    1. Hi Christopher,

      When I restarted this blog with the intention of being ‘close 2 the bone’ I understood I’d get opposition. Opposition from belligerent ‘Trolls’, but on a rare occasion I’ll get constructive opposition – like yours. I’ve a friend who live in Mid-West and I’ve spent a wonderful afternoon blasting away at targets with a number of different weapons – great fun. Maybe its those statistics that are flying around the social sites – I don’t know, maybe the stats are a big lie, maybe the moon landings never happened. I’m willing to take that chance that someone’s actually done the math here and we’ve got pretty good statistics. The figures speak for themselves. A highly developed and technologically advanced society like the United States has an epidemic that’s killing off a lot of people. I do accident investigation and teach it on various levels – we look at Immediate causes, Underlying and Root Causes. Immediate causes are the actual shooting itself leading to injury and death, Underlying cause is the reason that person wanted to shoot in the first place (be it mental health issues/ political motivations/ crime etc) and the root cause is the good old fashioned Amendment (excuse me I’m not offay with this) and that culture of the right to bear arms and defend yourself. The US is in the limelight for its number of shootings in peacetime on its own territory. Terrorist casualties are a drop in the ocean compared to the GSW and fatalities – so who are the terrorists? Those crazy fuckers who set off that bomb in the north of the country at the end of the marathon (1 died and one is on death row) – that sparked worldwide condemnation, yet the 1000s of deaths are left under the radar.

      I was just speaking to the wife about the types of people who use guns. She said the same as you – there’s the nutters, the criminals and you – the decent law abiding American. Unfortunately it’s the ‘nutter’ that’s spoiling it for everyone else. No matter how many times we circumvent the subject, children are dying at the hands of guns and will continue to die unless your government does something. There are probably millions of weapons in the USA, and yes your weapon has not killed an innocent person. So what do you do? Psycho-analyse every gun owner, or simply do something about the weapons? I think a Cost Benefit Analysis might bring up the cheapest option of dealing with the weapons only.

      You will disagree with me, as will a friend of mine in the mid-west, but the facts are there.

      (the ironic thing about my avatar is that I’m perched on top of a .50 calibre machine gun!)

  2. Morning Craig
    Not trying to be an internet troll or even a dick about this (although I am three parts asshole?)

    And no…I don’t disagree with you entirely (nor would your friend in the mid-west?)

    Guns used as they were Thursday in Oregon or in the church a few months back or the theater in Denver ARE a problem.

    I read something on the net last night

    “When a bomb kills we blame the bomber. When a drunk gets behind the wheel and plows into a crowd we blame the driver, but when some dumbfuck shoots up a school we blame the gun?”

    Hits it right on the head doesn’t it Craig?

    If I believed that for one minute, our government could ban or outlaw guns and it would take every last one off the streets…I would be the first to sign up.

    But that won’t happen. You and I both know this. And so do the anti-gunners here and around the world, but they will not admit it.

    The outcome would be armed criminals and an unarmed population. Crime would skyrocket like it has in other countries and like you said, our government is both too weak and too fucking stupid to do anything about it.

    You mentioned Russia in the original post.

    Here marijuana, cocaine and heroine are illegal, but there is a steady supply coming up from the border with Mexico.

    If the US bans guns….how long before we see a steady supply of Kalashnikov’s moving in? Some other country will supply them, you can bet on that.

    As for your conspiracy theories…ever notice that when the present administration gets their tit caught in the wringer, we have a newsworthy shooting? Russia takes a stand in Syria/some kid shoots up a school. Shit gets thick in the middle east/some kid shoots up a church?

    It kind of takes the heat off Washington doesn’t it?

    I mean we have an administration running guns into Mexico, Benghazi, Iraq, Syria and who knows where the fuck else, but they don’t want law abiding citizens here to have them?

    By the way…my gravatar is me shooting a Colt 1911?

    1. A Colt 1911? Niice…. I much prefer the .50 cal Desert Eagle Revolver! You’re not being a dick, or a troll. True. We blame the gun not the explosive or the car that ploughed into a crowd of people, I see your point and agree. I don’t think you can arm everybody and make the place safer though. Something’s awry with the whole situation.

      You mention situations taking the heat off shit in Washington. That shooting in Paris happened as Prince Edward was being investigated about an affair with a prostitute. The shooting took the heat off Edward!

      It’s complicated and complex and I suspect your country is going to have a lot more of that to come.

  3. For sure
    Until folks will try to address the problem and really determine the cause…this will continue.

    Ban guns…leave the nuts, they will find a way to kill anyway. It may not be as sensational as twenty killed, but it will happen no doubt.

    Do I feel that I am protecting myself or my family by owning a small arsenal? As I’ve said previously, if someone entered my place with a bad intent…it would take me at least 5 minutes to get the locks off and loaded?

    The problem is more economic, racial, mental illness or something of the sort. I used to buy guns as a boy (a boy) by giving nothing more than my name and maybe my address and we didn’t have this kind of shit here. Used to walk through town on the way to the country to shoot at 10 with a pair of my buddies. The passing Sheriff would wave and continue on not giving us a second glance?

    If three ten year old’s tried that today, their folks would be in jail and they, in child protection before the sun went down.

    So is the problem gun ownership or something else?

    I’ve got a .50, a .577 and a .58 Black powder of course…wish you were a bit closer to enjoy them with me

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