The Great Game

In the 1800s there was a great game being played by a few major powers in the world:  France, Great Britain and Russia.  Today, there’s still a ‘great game’ being played, and we’re the pawns.  There aren’t 8 pawns either side in this game, there are 7 Billion of them.  Just who are the Kings?  The way I see it there are a couple pulling strings here and that’s the USA and Russia.  The USA changed hands with Great Britain during WW1 and WW2 and became the principal player versus the Great Bear in the east. Great Britain has been relegated to Bishop.

The middle east has proven to become the gladiatorial battleground since the 1980s.  The whole system in the Middle East is self perpetuating.  It feeds off the fears and anger of the peoples of those areas.  The system benefits certain groups of people and what may not appear to be beneficial in the short term, is greatly beneficial in the long term.  Sacrifices in the early years reap benefits in the future.  Short engagements and wars, bombing campaigns at the expense of a million innocent lives will reap something in the next 20 years.  Chess pieces are being moved and in doing so, their domino effects have already been calculated down to the nearest probability.  Nothing is ever certain and now and again there’ll be a mishap – maybe ISIL/ IS / ISIS are a minor hiccup in the ‘great game’. Turkey shot down a Russian Jet because it strayed into their airspace.  If that was a US / UK or French jet would the Turks have shot it down, probably not as they’re all NATO : granted?

Bombing CampaignWhen it comes down to it, IS are pawns being played here and the right wingers in every country are being played too by feeding the recruitment drive for extremist organisations who reach out to the persecuted minorities based on race and religion.  The companies that produce the weapons are rubbing their hands together as their systems are being deployed, expended and the demand is there.  Who suffers?  The great adventurers who enforce foreign policy.

A friend of mine mentioned that the US are deliberately avoiding striking Fuel tankers.  I like to check out a wide range of Media sites and RT (Russia Today) ran a whole story on this phenomena.  The Turks haven’t lifted a finger to take on the IS group, their border with Syria is porous and this is the main transitory route to the group.  Being a member of NATO as well.  They soon began to shout and cry bloody hell when the Russians flew over their country.  Nothing like provoking a bear by prodding it with a pointy stick while ushering the Eagle over.  It reminds me of Schoolyard politics.

The self perpetuating system is feeding something and I can’t quite get my finger on it.  Whatever it is, it’s well hidden or disguised.  By money, most likely.  Weapons, Oil, the Saud Family…  I’m deliberately not going conspiracy theorist on you here.  I know the media is probably the most powerful weapon in the world in that it controls the moronic masses, those masses I see on Facebook, on a daily basis.  Pawns.  That’s all we are, and inevitably, worm food.

Don’t try and work it out, else you’ll tie yourself in knots.  There are so many variables at play here, results defined by our unique perceptions.

Kiss your children when you tuck them in bed and make sure they turn out decent people.

Deception and Lies on Social Media

Rhonda Smolarek wrote a short article on LinkedIn about the social media and it reminded me of a ‘Facebook’ discussion a few month ago that went sour.  A video of a US policeman punching the crap out of someone on the ground by a busy interstate was posted.  What intrigued me more was the reaction of the Facebookers.  I’m calling them facebookers as they take on a different persona than their real/ corporeal ones.  They all assumed on face value that the Policeman was punching the person because a. She was black or b. She was black or c. She was black.  Immediately a complete mistrust and assumption that the White US Policeman was a racist who liked punching old black women at the side of a busy interstate.  I posed the question as to why the Policeman was punching the crap out of the woman and the response was pretty abusive to say the least.  I asked what happened prior to the video clip?  What was the reason behind the attack? Ex Girlfriend From the further responses I understood what the term ‘Troll’ meant and decided not to continue and left the conversation.  It was pointless continuing as people who posted the clip had already made up their minds when they posted it.  In effect it wasn’t a discussion, but a joint call for outrage.  There’s a reason why these people will sit in their living rooms and comment on stuff and not make any real impact in a court of law.  It seems that the whole social media phenomena has altered how we interact and influence the world.  It draws on moods and motives we would normally inhibit around real people, it pulls out alternative versions of ourselves, as to how we want to be viewed.  For many people it’s escapism and some of the things posted are to simply to evoke responses from the cyber masses.  The whole organism, the whole multicellular community is host to influence and will sway and move in a manner the protagonist’s want.  The media have been doing this for a couple of centuries and they’re very good at only showing you a portion of the facts, whilst not lying to you, but leading you down the wrong rabbit hole to a conclusion divorced from reality.  Only recently have the ordinary person been enabled to wield this power – vloggers, bloggers, Facebookers and Twitterers alike.  The consumerists among us are vulnerable to this, such as those poor, hapless Facebookers who were subjected to that video clip of Police aggression.  No thought had gone into motives and reasons for the attack – I didn’t make any assumption or come to any conclusion with regards to this at the time as there was insufficient information.

Propoganda/ bullshit on the internet

Propoganda/ bullshit on the internet

+++++The expressional release of ourselves or our virtual selves can be seen as a healthy output for many of us who cannot express ourselves in the real world whether it be for health or psychological reasons.  But for many as Rhonda mentions in her potent article, there is a lie and in a sense we’re losing ourselves to media influences such.  There are parallels to the host of young people who flock to the middle east in the illusion that they’re fighting for some romantic cause for the Islamic State.  Cast your minds back a century to those German and Commonwealth soldiers who marched to war, smiling, banners flying, crowds cheering,  only to have their minds dashed away by the reality of war.

The New European Frontline

There’s a price to pay for technological advances in transport and the death of colonialism.  The EU, the inclusivist, leftist acceptance of other races, nations, religions and creeds have brought with them a whole range of problems.  The 20th Century has really fucked us up – we were on a trajectory for ruling the world, then someone went ahead and scuppered our plans.  Fuckers.nacht
+++++Now we’ve got integration, extremism, feminism, liberalism, nazism, racism and any other type of ism you can think of.  Our destination is fraught with difficulty, one which we’ll be fighting elements within ourselves that want to change the society as a whole.  A sort of revolution if you like, but with a saboteur, partisan, asymmetrical slant.  There’s going to be the sort of unrest Germany saw in 1920s and 1930s in wider Europe, but not against the Semitic race, but against religions.
+++++Today there was a scene in Paris that could have been the scene out of a Hollywood movie.  I kept on thinking about the street shoot out in Heat when I saw the holes that a volley of 7.62 short rounds had done to a Police Car’s windscreen.  There’s a lot more of ‘them’ here in Europe than we think and it’s going to get worse.  If anything it’ll keep us on our toes I suppose.


Satan Claws

Santa Claus, or should I call him Satan Claws.  There are rumours that his red cloak came from the Coca Cola’s attempt to increase their sales.  That wouldn’t surprise me.  His cloak, some say, was green back in the day.  Santa sprouts from a variety of sources.  satan claws 1Saint Niklaas in the Netherlands to Agia Nik in Cyprus, Satan was called ‘Old Nick’ and there are effigies and images of an old man giving out gifts such as food to the community.  Some say this character was the Greene Man or even Jesus.  The Greene Man, if he knocks on your door has to be let in, or your crops will fail. A lot of folklore gravitates around what it most important to people – fertility in the land and the womb and life after death.  Not sure who made Nicholas a saint, but I’m sure as rumour, legend and heresay go all these things are things we throw into the soup of time and eventually they get mixed up and before you know it, you’ve got yourself something that keeps a smile on your child’s face.

For me Christmas is just some opportunity for these conglomerates to rip you off, to raise your stress levels when you’re shopping at the last minute like every fucker else.  That’s why I shop at 5 in the morning at the 24 hours Sainsbury’s.  Yes, I get up at about 5am because I’m old.  All these charities come out of the fucking woodwork.  If we had Communism we wouldn’t need these fucking charities.  It’s a time of giving they say, a time of rejoicing, so what about the rest of the year?  I took my 3 year old to see Santa on Saturday.  £7 to queue up for 30 minutes for an audience with an overweight, sarcastic, piss taking bloke in a Red suit.

“What would you like for Christmas?” He asks my daughter.
“A house,” she says.
“A house?  2 or 3 bedroomed?  Semi-detached, detached??”
“A pink house,” she replied.  Always pink.  Everything has to be pink.

My 11 year old son went to see Santa too – even though he knows Santa’s a myth concocted by the Bourgeoisie/Capitalistic classes to fool the lower classes.  Anyway, he said he was on the good list and not the naughty list, which was a fucking lie!!  They’re both monsters!  NAUGHTY LIST!!  They’re on the fucking top of the list!…… Rant over.

I’ve just taken out the paper rubbish and it’s warm outside.  It’s the 22nd December for christ’s sake!  The warmest year on record.  Prepare for new species.  We’re going to get immigration in the animal kingdom.  In fact we’re seeing it already.  There are species of marine life that normally live off the coast of Turkey.  They’re hanging around the southern coastline of Britain.  If you live on the coast, I’d start thinking about moving inland.  For your grandchildren’s sake.  Already we’re seeing an increase in erosion of the coastline.  We’ve got plenty of land, but if we build houses everywhere it’s going to look like one gigantic Milton Keynes.  Fuck that.  We’re going to be consumed by the sea soon, so I think the building of floating communities is the realistic solution.  It’ll be a while before we have large communities outside of earth so we might as well start looking under or on the sea.  We’ve already got thousands of people on Oil rig installations and when the oil runs out this may be the only avenue of revenue.

Religious extremism, Islamaphobia and Proportion

Murdering 132 children and 9 staff, many of them Muslim, is not going to help your cause.  In fact it’s going to help build up a resistance base to fight against the people who did this.  The people who did this belong to the group known as the Taliban.  What was the reason?  Through terror and fear?  Do they require obedience?  Do they require submission?  Shall we bow down to their demigod and convert to Islam?  If this is a taste of things to come, then I’m not particularly attracted to this sort of practice.

Not a very good way of attracting supporters to your cause.

Not a very good way of attracting supporters to your cause.

It doesn’t look too appealing to me.  I don’t pray to any god at the moment and I like eating pork.   I don’t want to see people shot, beheaded or burnt.  It’s not a very nice looking religion – in fact it looks fucking vile.  So – that ISIS style religion isn’t for me.  So… terror and fear tactics – does it work?  We’ve seen this over and over again and unfortunately for the dullard ideological fanatic, they obviously haven’t thought this through.  This sort of tactic has been tried and tested in the past, but hasn’t achieved their own objectives.  As fractious as they are and as fractious as Islam is, this may have serious ramifications on people’s views on Muslims and the Taliban.  Some would even link both in their entirety.  For the majority of the Muslims out there I think it necessary for them to ally themselves with the rest of the world to stem this wave of ideological barbarity.  The Taliban and their ilk are attempting to shake a hornets’ nest and it will only be a matter of time before we see something large happen.  Demonstrations in Germany have begun against Muslims.  Islamaphobia is on the increase.
+++++Let’s not kid ourselves, the practice of beheadings, burning people alive in the name of a religion occurred lots of times in Europe 16 – 18 generations ago.  Not a history buff, but 16-17th Century practices are being practiced in a 21st Century world.  I have friends who are anti-Muslim for this reason.
+++++The massacre of large populations of people are no stranger to our allies either.  Take ourselves for instance during World War 2 when we dropped tonnes of explosives on civilian population centres; after it was deemed immoral back in the 1930s to do such a thing.  It’s a War crime, isn’t it?  How do we know there aren’t allied POWs down in those cities, burning?  Not everyone in Germany supported the Nazi regime back then.
+++++The US in the phillipines massacred thousands of civilians over a century ago.  Bombed civilian population centres in Germany and Japan in World War 2.  They even went over to Viet Nam and fought the North Vietnamese Army, costing the US over half a million US casualties; many of them suicides.
+++++That doesn’t absolve the group who murdered 132 children and 9 staff.  Definitely not.  Though, dare I say it this has been going on, on a weekly basis in the Middle East (Syria, Iraq) and in Western Africa.
+++++Seven people a day die in the US through gun crime.  Until those who uphold the possession of these weapons experience the loss through gun crime I think this politically sensitive issue will not be resolved.
+++++The world police over the Atlantic, do they dictate what is morally right, or what it an outrage?  Do they have the outrage thermometer?  Or do they hold up the placard that says – BE ANGRY?  When the planes hit the towers, the Pentagon and crashed into a lonely field in Pennsylvania – there was outrage.  Many people died in those atrocities.  But if we only take the figures, the numbers here and compare them to the War Dead on the first day, the first hour of the Battle of the Somme, June 1916, this pales into insignificance.

Storm Troopers join the slaughter

Storm Troopers join the slaughter

Or the Battle of Verdun where a total of over 2 million casualties were sustained.  What did we have to record the events back in 1915 – 16?  Letters and the odd surviving, worn photograph, slightly frayed at the edges.  In 2001, we were surging in our telecommunications, media, technology.  Every facet of the electromagnetic spectrum was being strummed like the chords of a guitar with information transfers.  Millions upon millions of bits and bytes of info up until the nose of the airliner smashed into the floor of the tower.  As astonished workers raised their hands in self defence and thousands of gallons of aviation fuel flooded the building, pulses of information streamed to loved ones and to the world.  That’s it.  It’s recorded in visceral, minute, painful detail.  Every thought and plea is recorded, transmitted and is still travelling through space and is about 13 Light Years distance from us now.  Alpha Centauri ; our galactic neighbour, if there’s life… and it has the means to pick this up and understand it will be thinking.  What the fuck?  If they have the technology – do you think they’d bother to come over, covering the vast distance of space.  Nah,  they’ll probably think – by the time we reach there, they’ll be extinct.
+++++I think we need to grow up here.  We, meaning bipedal humans.  It’s like we’re still in the pre-college years.  We’ve come out of the Infants school and we’re still trying to deal with each other in Primary School.  There’s rivalry on the schoolyard and we’re still getting into fights.  The other kids will crowd around us and chant ‘FIGHT, FIGHT,FIGHT!!’  ‘ or ‘PILE ON!!!’  At school, I was generally the one on the bottom!
+++++Maybe we need a headmaster?  The US or the UK doesn’t really have a good credit rating when it comes to morality so that’s them off the list.  How about the friendly people of Luxembourg?  I know fuck all about Luxembourg – isn’t that a good thing?  I mean, all we seem to hear about is how bad people are.  Luxembourg would be an excellent host for a Supreme President of the World.  I think we would need someone strong enough to control the many different peoples of the planet.  Makes me think of the Tito of Yugoslavia who held together 8 mini nations and 7 ethnic groups yaddee yaddee yah.  Saddam Hussain was a strong leader, but he was a ruthless fucker who massacred people.  Uncle Jo Stalin, was a paranoid, lunatic – murdered millions of people – so no good.
+++++Democracy would probably be a bad thing here.  Look how complicated it is.  The US political system is that complicated they can’t even ban guns.  This new government – or Regime…. or System should be Totalitarian / Dictatorial, but in the interests of the majority here on the Earth.  If we’d done something earlier in the 20th Century, then maybe we’d enjoy some of Arthur C Clarke’s visions of the 21st Century right now.  Trips to the moon and Jupiter.

Black Friday’s Sheople

Have you heard of the word Sheople?  I read it while looking at Facebook posts on another phenomena the UK has adopted from the US… like sheep.  It’s how people react when there’s a bargain shouting at you : 75% OFF!  MUST GO!  We rely heavily on morality and that unspoken code of conduct like waiting in queues and opening doors for the elderly.  Some naive people in positions of authority (supermarket stores) think that the Police are going to waltz in and become security guards.  If the stores got trashed on Friday and they’re pissed off about it, then that’s their stupid fault.
+++++I saw parallels between George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead and those scenes at the shops on Friday.  There’s a science on crowd behaviour and it’s an interesting one.  Have you noticed the concertina effect on motorways as motorists slow down to see the accident on the opposite side of the road?  This has a major impact kilometres behind the scene and seldom takes minutes to take effect.   Crowds of people are blobs of bacteria that swell and congeal, split off and react differently when in low numbers.  A well placed Tazer with about 110volts going through it might have sorted the disorder out.
+++++I might be speaking out of turn here, but fuck it if I am.  People fighting over a flat screen TV breaks the boundaries of pathetic and I’m pleased we are not in that circle.  I live in the old world where there are manners and politeness – that’s where I’m old fashioned and how I got here.  These people and they are ‘these people’ are opportunist dregs, sets me and my family apart from them, which isn’t a bad thing.
+++++So, the Supermarkets that put these schemes up, spawned from the US Thanksgiving only have themselves to blame.  Sheople will act like sheep and move where the urge is, where the bargains are.  The Zombies of the Romero movies acted in the same manner.  The World influence that is the US is steadily covering the world.  Our TV shows are spawned from US origins, our Legal practitioners are rubbing their hands together at the financial rewards as we stab each other in the back through libel/ civil claims.  Work is being more and more regulated as companies attempt to protect themselves.  First Aid boxes are being removed for fear of misdiagnosis of a band aid.  Our much cherished Common Sense may be under threat.  Couch potatoes are watching more TV as the shows are becoming more entertaining, more sitting down, more obesity and all the while the slim, big earners are looking proverbially down on the lower classes who have been subdued by the intoxicating pull of desire: TVs, fast food, Xbox, Social Media, Football etc etc.
+++++Would communism solve this?  Probably, with a decent, strong leader, but would I want that?  Not really.  I think it’s great we can make it if we want to and that is something I will hold onto.

Rolf Harris and The History that is written by Liars

I was listening to a Kate Bush album and one song was sung by the disgraced entertainer : Rolf Harris. I thought nothing of it, and then – fuck! He’s a fucking Paedophile!! I should have been shocked and disgusted – turned off the song; but I didn’t. It was about being an artist and the effect of rain on his paintings.
+++++Rolf Harris has been turned into a monster, in a matter of seconds, based on the calculated, decision of a panel of people in a building in London. Made global news within the minute – as quick as the speed of light. As soon as the verdict was made, I cringed at reports of people coming forward attempting to claim compensation for alleged abuse he’d done to them. Can money really heal that sort of damage? No – but it fucking helps. “I got my arsed squeezed on Top o’the Pops in 1973 and I can’t sleep, have sex or form meaningful relationships with other men…” — absolute bollocks I say.
+++++I saw the blind, resolute and loyal wife accompany the man to the court on each day, apart from the day of the verdict. It seemed that the reality of it all had come crashing down and that veil had been lifted with life shaking consequences. All those years and was the wealth worth it – the limelight? From the words of Jesus, Voltaire, FDR, Churchill and Peter Parker’s (aka Spiderman) Uncle, With power, comes great responsibility. The fallout of changing attitudes to sexuality has taken its toll on powerful and influential people. Many of them failed to see into the distant future and see a world where the powerbase of man and woman has shifted. Like the latent effect of asbestos, the changing attitudes of society will bite people in the arse. Maybe there’ll be compensation for all those homosexuals who were booted out of the British Army before it was made legal. Maybe the slaughter of all those animals in the abattoirs… no, maybe that’s a step too far for the veg munching, tree hugging, liberals out there.

Yesterday I saw on Facebook 20 Iraqi Soldiers all lined up, kneeling preparing to die. Just how you prepare for that is another matter, but credit has to be given to these men as they didn’t go kicking and screaming. One after the other, faces exploded as bullets crashed in through the back of their heads. I think I’d have wrestled a rifle from one of those men in the balaclavas at least. Iraqi Soldiers Dead12345To think I was only a few hour’s drive from that place last month. I’m not sure how I would have reacted, maybe I wouldn’t have put myself in that situation in the first place and fought the death. I read the comments other people made and saw with dismay that people had attributed a religion to the executions. Many people ‘don’t know what they don’t know’. I worked in Iraq for 13 months and I worked with many people up there, a split of Christianity, Muslim and Yazedi. Naturally there are towns that are made up entirely of their religion, but no hostilities have occurred. To judge a people and a religion from the comfort of one’s chair in the relative safety of the western world is already a failure in reducing conflict. You aren’t going to completely eradicate bloodshed and war – that’s just plain ‘pie in the sky’ and frankly – fucking boring. To judge – first go and see the people you’re judging, get a taste of their culture, taste their food and shake their hands, look them in the eyes when you speak to them, see their children before you call them mass murdering, blood thirsty animals and call on the so called ‘crusade’ : again ‘pie in the sky’.

My message to these Nationalist extremists is:

“… to grow some fucking balls and do something – it’s okay talking about it, but get off the fucking computer and start a ‘crusade’, arm yourself with a sword and shield and beat back the encroaching tidal wave of multi-culturalism. You may find that you are already too late – about 20 years late, so you’re going to have to stage a guerrilla war. Good luck.”

History and the human brain has a great way of covering up situations and facts. History is written by the victors of battles and wars. History is written by the powerful. History is written by liars. History might as well be transmitted by word of mouth, from generation to generation. Instead, it is tattooed on the skin of paper and outliving the human lives that wrote it, it is then, having survived purges and the immolation of libraries, picked up by our descendants and they act as a voice of bias as to what happened. There are two religions that are both similar and act as a record of history, both subjected to the thoughts and bias of their writers. Islam and Christianity have a very similar history when you look back. Perhaps, if both survive, they may merge, or be the sole reason for our destruction.neurons12345

The rocks don’t lie, fossils don’t lie, they are incorruptible – neither does the camera, so they say. That is provided the film isn’t edited first. The influence the corruption of books are beginning to dwindle due to the rise of technological advances. It’s a pity – fiction books don’t count, they’re already (beautifully) corrupted with the imagination.

Women on the Front Line of the British Army?

Women on the frontline of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces? Yes, please! Get them on the frontline to see what all the fuss is about. They might soon regret that decision, but that’s a decision most men make on their ‘Baptism of fire’ : a very subjective and qualitative engagement of aggression and fear. There are a lot of shouts and cries from the men of the Armed Forces, objections and doubts. All understandable, but one thing they all share and that’s the fear of being undermined by a female, that a female can do a job better than them. The Armed Forces still has its macho image, though I daresay the MOD’s media/press/advertisement cell are trying desperately to dispel that image – it will take a few years, and it’s not in generations as generations can change perception and attitude pretty quickly (we’re very adaptable to our surroundings).
+++++The main reason we didn’t have any women in the Infantry and the Armoured Corps (Tanks) is because it was feared the men would take unnecessary risks to protect their female peers, if in difficulty. The MOD credits our British Male population with high values of chivalry. There are secondary reasons, and that is many men are attracted to other women, it’s true that homosexuals are in the minority on this regard. So, men are attracted to women, no surprises there and women offer a pleasant distraction to the men who may fight over them and impregnate them with babies. I served in an Artillery Regiment for 22 years and I saw women from the very start, albeit in office duties as Royal Army Pay Corps and Womens Royal Auxiliary Corps (commonly referred to by the men as Weekly Ration of Army C*** – sorry, had to share that with you). Slowly, insidiously perhaps, I saw my first woman in the Artillery in the mid 90s – I don’t want to give an exact date, but there’s a good picture of her with a 98lb High Explosive Shell cradled in her arms. Some might argue it should be a baby in the crook of her arms, but I don’t think she did a bad job, in fact I daresay she did the job better than most men. There’s the urge to prove yourself in the face of adversity and she was that, brave and stubborn. Black people, gays, and all that minority stuff that’s slowly going, but there’s always a residue of racism, nationalism, sexism, – always – you can’t get away from it, you can’t erase it, it’s human nature to be xenophobic on an infinitesimal scale, even if you don’t consciously realise it.
+++++Equal Rights is a strange concept, because we’re not equal: we’re all different. Boring statement aside, we are unique, perfectly honed, biological machines with more shapes and sizes than a NEXT clothes warehouse. But the job that we’re about to go into isn’t different, it has needs of the operator/worker/soldier who will fit into that job. In the British Army there are physical tests that have to be done prior to entry – unfortunately the tests are adapted to the general physical shape of a man and a woman at certain age categories that go up to 60 (I think). So you’ve got different sets of criteria for Men and Women. In my humble opinion it should be a physical test for the job, but making no distinction of the sex of the person taking the test. I know women who can outrun men easily, I don’t think there’s a need to have a 2 or 3 minute (not sure on specifics) gap between men and women for a 1.5 mile run. In an operational environment there will be a time when you will need to call on those physical attributes that were tested many moons prior to the deployment and if you cannot, then there has been a failure in the system. That won’t be too difficult in any large organisation such as an Army. It is a shambling, cobbled, burdensome beast with many excessive hangers on slowing the creature, each with its own constricted and twisted lines of informal communication. Such as life, the Army is a test of personality and character, for sure. I digress.
+++++So, after all that. Women in the Army? Too right, but it won’t come without a price. There’s always a price to pay, and that may be in blood – be it on a birth table, on the battlefield or in the Barracks. We’ll adapt to it, like the Americans and the Israelis and embrace it. It will be the selling point of the British Army, that it’s an organisation for Equal Rights.
+++++Sorry, going back to Equal Rights. I did an Equality and Diversity course back in 2011 and found with shock and horror that Equal Opportunities/ Rights whatever, is not about treating people the same, but treating them fairly. In an operational deployment where there is frequent engagement with an armed force, the armed force generally don’t employ Equality & Diversity in their tactics or ethos. If you are engaged you will be treat the same as any other man, stabbed, shot, buggered…. buggered… hang on, no – female prisoners may be treated differently from men. There’s a thing called rape and it has been going on for Millenia, that’s a 100% guarantee what will happen if you’re captured by a large force of men. The interrogators will use rape as a tool to get information from the male captives.
+++++Saying that, the battlefield is evolving as technology begins to replace humans. For a conventional war, of machine against machine – yes – such as the Iraq invasion 2003, we probably didn’t need to deploy troops – bold statement here and there’s arguments against this, I bet. After the conflict there will be a need for ground troops to provide the soft, reassurance strategy to gain the support of the people whose country you’ve just pulverised. Robocop is at least a decade away… another bold statement as Arthur C Clark got it wrong and so did Anthony Burgess. The very thought of fixing bayonets and closing with the enemy is a concept that 99.9999% of normal humans would abhor. We try to kill with distance weapons such as support weapons (General Purpose Machine Gun) and then the rifle. Even then, we like to use a lot of air support. We’re not the anglo saxon warriors of yester year with shield and sword. Though there have been situations where this had to happen, something fucked up, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in the Falklands: bad weather, no air support, you’ve just been ambushed or you’ve ran out of ammunition.
+++++So, to summarise, I think it’s a good thing to bring women into the bloody fold of the infantry world. We’ve got to evolve – if this is indeed evolution, not sure where it’s going, not sure if it’s the right direction. So, to the men and women of the British Army who think this a bad idea : there’s fuck all you can do about it, so let’s just see where this heads off to, eh?
+++++I was going to talk about the Omagh bomb, the value of human life and my experience with the Intelligence groups in Northern Ireland. I’ll make that the topic of my next post.

In Kurdistan Iraq it’s the year 2626 and the Algebra of Music


Maths and Music. Really? Where's the fun in that?

Maths and Music. Really? Where’s the fun in that?

I think it’s amazing how we feel the need to quantify things.  Take music for example – there are equations to measure the length of a chord, a wavelength and it’s lifespan.  How can you turn something that can sound so beautiful into something as fixed as a set of numbers.  Fixed until they’re combined and we have an alchemy of figures that dance across the blackboard, composed by the mental dance of a mathematician or a madman – or both!  Trigonometric equations that, if read in the right way could be transformed into vibrations of sounds, music and your mood is uplifted – you feel much happy.  Numbers alone make me sad, but turn them into the music they are meant to be by deciphering the code and you have something wonderful.  A bit like those demons out of ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ who were really angels luring him to heaven.  I’m listening to Radio 3 and I can visualise frequencies, octaves, wavelengths and I can see how senseless the whole mess on a board may look like to the untrained eye.  Mayhap the eye be untrained, but the ear doesn’t require any training to let in the nebulae of notes into your head.

Enough of the quantification of music.  Sounds almost blasphemous.  Look at the Daffodil and there is order in its make up – where there is order there is quantification.  Petal numbers to stem sizes the  proliferation of the scattering of seeds on the high seas of a spring breeze (almost poetical there).  There is order in the fractal chaos, you have to look at the whole thing.  Look midway and you see chaos.

Simply fractal.  Generated by a machine made by man.

Simply fractal. Generated by a machine made by man.

Look closely, you see it and stand far back enough and you see it too.  I’m talking about looking on an atomic scale and then zooming out to see the spread of colour on the vast tableau of yellow on the earth.  Sometimes I think ignorance is bliss and often wonder what use this knowledge of understanding would bring.  The control of life systems and sub-systems on the globe to help prolong the lifespan of our species as it expands to bursting point.  Those with little money confined to their tall tenements that falter with age and graffiti as the wealthy live out in the spatial, outer rim of a Lagrangian point.

We’re leading toward artificialness and fabricated support systems to keep humans living and breathing.  Life as we know it may extinguish, or be held captive in ecosystems of our own design to sustain them.  The world is likely to be uninhabitable, and then we have the repercussions of the globe in the form of extreme weather which will eventually conquer the human race and extinguish it to manageable numbers.

I wake up at 4am now.  I think it’s something to do with old age.  Age is proportional to the earliness of you waking.  I get up and study 2 hours of my Diploma which has to be done at that time.  If I studied in the evening I’d be asleep.  It’s a Health & Safety Diploma and requires my full time attention to keep all that information in my head up until the exam when I spew it all out. How Cool Is Writing? I go to the office at six and I’m immediately hit with a farmyard smell.  It’s that manure smell and I can hear the yapping of a dog.  Beyond the accommodation block, behind the fence there’s a flock of sheep and goats.  A small man is riding a donkey and looking to the horizon.  Wow.  Half five in the morning and we’ve got a bloke on a donkey following a load of goats and sheep – no discrimination there.  Dogs hunt behind, in a pack of three, sandy coloured, all, and chasing each other.  I can see the sun rising over the hills to the east, hills bare of buildings, naked and exposed in verdant, gradual, exposures.  I regret not bringing my camera.  I always regret no bringing it, as I want to capture the most awesome skies.  That evening there are Geologists in the camp staring up at the sky.  There are mushrooms of clouds topped with light from the setting sun.   It’s like it’s on fire, such a contrast to its underbelly that roils like a sea in storm.  The heavenly beast loses form and returns to shadow as the sun says goodbye behind Zakho.

The Geologist’s that are here have been milking the goats and drinking the milk.  Very novel and amusing to a Brit.  They milked the goats they caught, with the permission of a young boy shepherd.  The young boy shouldered a Kalashnikov Assault Rifle, presumably to protect his flock.

The people here are ancient I’ve been told.  We’ve got Erbil, the world’s oldest habitable city.  Then we’ve got the ancient demographics.  Ancient demographics that are long forgotten in the dusts of Phoenician marked  tablets.  The Ashuri are rumoured to be 7000 years old, there are evidence of their fabricated equipment and weapons all around Turkey, Iraq and Iran.  They were perhaps the first inhabitants of Assyria and worshipped the God Asshur; an east semitic God.  For the Ashuri it’s about the year 7014.  I say about, because I don’t think anyone really knows, but it’s about the 7th Millenia.

Not sure if a Risk Assessment has been done for this.

Not sure if a Risk Assessment has been done for this.

The Kurdish people here say it’s the year 2626. For the muslims it’s 1435, they’ve got the youngest, biggest religion (if you know what I mean – I don’t want to include Jedi here).  For the majority who have to adopt the Christian year of 2014 and all the fucking crackpots declaring the end of the world we have to make do.  Notably, but not confined to the US, there’s an epidemic of pathetic dependence on religion and what’s more concerning there are a lot of politicians who have some far out ideas, and to be absolutely fucking frank, they’re worse than the Mullahs and the Muslim extremists in their preaching of hatred.  Nutjobs on both religions, if you ask me.

I’m an atheist, who loves the sky in Kurdistan – that’s where I find my peace.


Thomas Ligotti, Ignorance and Celestial Pond Life

The hills around here are spattered with sheep and in their flocks weave dogs and children. 20130307_Chapple3smoking butterflies They’ve been living off these hills for centuries and will for more to come when our grandiose empires have crumbled into political and moral decay.  Their humble existence will outlast us when our Facebook and Mobile phones will become a distant memory.  I stand atop a hill and take in the upward panorama of stars that arc from east to west.  A bright moon highlights the inky blue field in a fulgent glow, the likes of which I haven’t seen before. Am I to stay here and die before the celestial audience who are years away in vast exponential distances away riding on light, bent and twisted beyond measure and comprehension.  I would not mind if I expire here, rather here than a place filled with concrete.  Here there is no struggle, there is existence – maybe existence is too easy.  Maybe, I should struggle and strive to become more and better.

The struggle to keep on going.  It’s about that isn’t it?  We’re all struggling and pushing against resistance.  It’s the resistance that makes it worthwhile.  It’s where our heroes are born; out of hardship and resistance.  If there was no evil, then there would be no good.  Then again – that’s all a load of shit, isn’t it?  Did Josef Stalin think he was evil?  What about Colonel Gaddafi or Saddam Hussein – both had their hands shaken by British Diplomats.  I bet they didn’t think they were evil… therefore I conclude that Good and Evil doesn’t exist.  It’s just a different form of opinion.  I bet some crazy mass murderers didn’t think they were doing something that was called evil.  Noticed how I automatically called a mass murderer crazy.  What if that mass murderer thought that everyone else was crazy?  If opinions were lines drawn in the sand then those that crossed ours would be crazy.

I’m just starting to read Thomas Ligotti’s ‘The Conspiracy Against the Human Race‘ and it’s a fucking depressing, wild and tragic journey into Tom’s mind. smoking butterfliessmoking butterflies The cafepelicanmeaningness of human life and how inconsequential it is.  Millions of interactive beads tearing at each other and multiplying like tadpoles.  When I look into a pond and see it shift and blur as something skits over its surface I think of the empires and conquests made under the thin veil that separates water and air.  Then I think of the others who look into the bowl of space where Galaxies stir and die.  Something else is staring at the whorl of stardust that is us and thinking the same and thinking how insignificant we are, if we ever existed or if they ever had technology to see us.  I think the best way to deal with it is, just carry on normal jogging, or ‘Stay calm and carry on’.  Make the best of it and don’t make too much fuss, unlike Josef and Adolf in the 1940s.  Back to the book; it disconnects everything we give order to, like numbers and time.  I broached the subject of numbers and questioned whether we should be doing things in 10s.  Time on a lower, manageable, visible level is done in 60s and that’s linked geographically, mainly to the sun’s relation to Earth and those imaginary segments we split the planet into .

There’s a possible counter argument to the whole meaningless of it all, the philosophising about it, the deep thoughts and discussions.  zkzegarek2Maybe those that ramble on about it, shouldn’t be here and maybe they should go off and find some place to talk amongst themselves.  Perhaps we need to ignore the horror of the truth and blind ourselves in religion and self consciousness and righteousness.  So what, if we’re nothing more than mere particles interacting with each other, destroying and screwing each other into cycles of birth and destruction.

I recently listened to a guy who went native and spent 2 and a half years with no money whatsoever.  I mean he wiped his arse on used newspapers from the local newsagents.  He cycled 65 km a day to the town to do his business (Not sure what location is 65km from the nearest town – maybe city) and that was his Gymnasium submission.  It was an experiment of sorts for himself I think and he reflected on his time stating that it was perhaps the best time of his life.  He gave up the banks, the TV, the Laptops, the Internet (fuck!!) and Takeaways and pints of lager in the pub.  He lived in a caravan and cooked off a stove.  He said that we as chinks in the social armour are dependent on systems created by ourselves to self sustain.  I thought, that would be a good idea, but it would be nigh on impossible as I have a family and I would lose that if I went native too.  I supposed we are prisoners.  Prisoners to the nearest Mobile Charger point, the social network, to the TV, the Kettle and Nectar Points.  To be able to free yourself from that or ripped from it due to some unexplained catastrophe would be an mental and for some a physical ordeal.  I was fortunate to experience some of this from my time in the Army and that does help, but what of those who are not used to the idea of shitting outside and eating vegetables freshly dug up from the ground rather than GM shite from the supermarkets?  Change or starve.

I once ventured into the relevance of money and worked out that it eased our transition to becoming worm food.  Wow, what a horrible thought, eh?  We’re harvested for the worms to eat?

The north of Iraq is certainly improving, its roads and cities are being prepared for tourism.  There’s even a couple of family parks called ‘Happy Park’.  Might take a bit of getting used to and I think the locals need to start getting their road safety campaign up and running as they’re nearly as bad drivers as Italians (fucking lunatics).