The Great Game

In the 1800s there was a great game being played by a few major powers in the world:  France, Great Britain and Russia.  Today, there’s still a ‘great game’ being played, and we’re the pawns.  There aren’t 8 pawns either side in this game, there are 7 Billion of them.  Just who are the Kings?  The way I see it there are a couple pulling strings here and that’s the USA and Russia.  The USA changed hands with Great Britain during WW1 and WW2 and became the principal player versus the Great Bear in the east. Great Britain has been relegated to Bishop.

The middle east has proven to become the gladiatorial battleground since the 1980s.  The whole system in the Middle East is self perpetuating.  It feeds off the fears and anger of the peoples of those areas.  The system benefits certain groups of people and what may not appear to be beneficial in the short term, is greatly beneficial in the long term.  Sacrifices in the early years reap benefits in the future.  Short engagements and wars, bombing campaigns at the expense of a million innocent lives will reap something in the next 20 years.  Chess pieces are being moved and in doing so, their domino effects have already been calculated down to the nearest probability.  Nothing is ever certain and now and again there’ll be a mishap – maybe ISIL/ IS / ISIS are a minor hiccup in the ‘great game’. Turkey shot down a Russian Jet because it strayed into their airspace.  If that was a US / UK or French jet would the Turks have shot it down, probably not as they’re all NATO : granted?

Bombing CampaignWhen it comes down to it, IS are pawns being played here and the right wingers in every country are being played too by feeding the recruitment drive for extremist organisations who reach out to the persecuted minorities based on race and religion.  The companies that produce the weapons are rubbing their hands together as their systems are being deployed, expended and the demand is there.  Who suffers?  The great adventurers who enforce foreign policy.

A friend of mine mentioned that the US are deliberately avoiding striking Fuel tankers.  I like to check out a wide range of Media sites and RT (Russia Today) ran a whole story on this phenomena.  The Turks haven’t lifted a finger to take on the IS group, their border with Syria is porous and this is the main transitory route to the group.  Being a member of NATO as well.  They soon began to shout and cry bloody hell when the Russians flew over their country.  Nothing like provoking a bear by prodding it with a pointy stick while ushering the Eagle over.  It reminds me of Schoolyard politics.

The self perpetuating system is feeding something and I can’t quite get my finger on it.  Whatever it is, it’s well hidden or disguised.  By money, most likely.  Weapons, Oil, the Saud Family…  I’m deliberately not going conspiracy theorist on you here.  I know the media is probably the most powerful weapon in the world in that it controls the moronic masses, those masses I see on Facebook, on a daily basis.  Pawns.  That’s all we are, and inevitably, worm food.

Don’t try and work it out, else you’ll tie yourself in knots.  There are so many variables at play here, results defined by our unique perceptions.

Kiss your children when you tuck them in bed and make sure they turn out decent people.

More Conspiracy Theories & World Chaos

The Matrix3

Remember when Keanu Reeves wakes up from that world in The Matrix? Perhaps that’s what the masses are under, some form of mass hypnosis. I’ve got an open mind. What if the world really was flat and all those physics were just a load of shite? What if there weren’t really 6 million Jews gassed in WW2?top10_conspiracy_holocaust What if it were the Jews that gassed 6 million Germans? What if Jesus did exist and was black? What if over 600,000 innocent people were roasted alive by the British and the Americans in 1945? What if the people that pulled the strings didn’t like the way President Kennedy swung and decided to rub him out with a sniper’s bullet? If a whole mass of people believe in something, doesn’t it become the truth?   There really is no such thing as the truth though, there’s only perception. Viewpoints and paradigms are unique to the individual, but what we can all share is the free will to exercise our belief within the base moral understanding we all share with respect to good and bad. So where’s the hard evidence? I didn’t see the Saturn V rockets blast off into space in the 60s and 70s. I didn’t come across any hard evidence – I mean that physical evidence that you can smell, touch and feel. That doesn’t mean I’m not disbelieving it either. Maybe the conspiracy theorists and the narrator of The Greatest Truth Never Told is a deluded nut job. I suppose that’s down to me to decide what to think.


The media have got the moronic masses by the balls. An image, video, sentence, quote taken out of context takes on a completely different meaning. It has the moronic masses on FB in a crazed stupor turning on each other. Stoke the fire, and if need be, put some sugar on it to stir things up. There’s a lot of ‘hot heads’ on the internet. The best way to sterilise your life of this is to not go on the Internet.

There’s a reason I don’t read one news source. I like to get a broad range of perspectives and then pick out the commonalities from all. There’s bias that shifts to the right and to the left: order and chaos. Some fucker is pulling all the strings and making sure everything walks in the same path – the moment someone or something steps out of line then it gets sorted out. There must be an element of freedom within the stage that we’re all playing.

FeedingDo we really have enough food to feed the planet several times over? We over produce, stockpile food, spend trillions on weapons and can’t even sort out a little territory dispute in the middle-east. That’s the problem here, it’s ownership and a sense of belonging. It was such big deal in the olden days, but nowadays that going obsolete with the advent of the aircraft and quick travel. The lines are becoming more blurred. We don’t have enough room to become divisive. We can’t simply put up borders and gates or we’ll get squashed. Granted there’s going to be problems, and that is inevitable with the introduction of so many different cultures. These normally die out in 2 – 3 generations and there’s the adoption of new customs or the hybrid of a mixture of cultures. You can run from this inclusivity, but you can’t hide. Identities are going to change – Britain isn’t what it was 75 years ago and it wasn’t 150 years ago or the previous 75 years. It changes beyond recognition every few generations and we yearn for those days to come back. I know I do – I loved the 1980s.

In 100 years time religion may not be around any longer. It may actually completely consume the planet. We may be 100% muslim, 100 christian, mix or a deformation of the two. The moment you get kick back and resistance then you’re faced with annihilation. With so many differences it’s hard not to come to blows somewhere along the line. Looking at Germany now and what Angela Merkel is doing… it’s going to cripple Germany, it’s going to destroy Germany. In destruction there’s the rebirth of a new nation. This could be something new, but there’s going to be problems with people assimilating each other’s culture/ religion/ and language. If Germany can ride out the storm of change and come out the other end, then you’ve got yourself a potential superpower here. As stated earlier – 2 or 3 generations, a couple of conflicts, lots of killing and eventually you should get a status quo; an equilibrium – the ripples on the pond should lessen and hopefully we’ll get onto the task at hand. The task of course is getting off this rock and releasing the pressure of over-population here. If not, something will have to give and it will go pop.


Okay… Paris has been hit again by a load of jihadis. A lot of blood spilt and minds fractured.  It looks organised and prepared at least a couple of months in advance. The people preparing these attacks had contact with each other and bataclanwere residents of other countries such as Belgium, France and Germany. We can no longer differentiate people’s nationalities through name only. John Smith and Abdul Mohammed may be just as British as each other. People talk about immigrants being to blame Muslims and immigration. You’re playing into the hands of IS when you start thinking that way and are in actual fact an arm of the Islamic State. You will be doing exactly what the IS want you to do and stir up hatred in migrants/ muslims and improve their recruitment campaign. Then again, try explaining that to many of the right wing nut jobs, who can barely speak English never mind comprehending the games IS and the media are playing here.

The moronic masses are being played a trick and they better get wise or it’s going to fuel a fire that will burn up most of the world. See through the IS for what they are, and that’s an organised, bunch of lunatics who claim to be part of a religion that shares it name with Islam. Monotheistic, Abrahamic ideologies need to be banned because they’re fucking dangerous. The sooner the world goes 100% atheist the better. Perhaps we need to somehow prove what happens to you when you die.

Couple of points here : It’s not Hollywood. It’s real, it hurts, and the mind is fragile. There’s a lot of people suffering mentally and it’s the survivors who suffer. The UK had lost generations in the 20th Century due to world conflict – it also help boost the brewery industry and increase the levels of domestic abuse.

Conspiracy Theories and the Great Russian Adventure

It’s the 2nd October and I’m writing the first blog post since January. The news is buzzing with yet another shooting at a US school and yet again the powerless President, who can bomb the fuck out of people in the middle-east with war planes, but can’t change his own gun laws.

Police State United States

Police State United States

This puzzled me until I heard a survivor of the latest shooting speak about the incident. The survivor (wounded and probably deserves a Purple Heart) said that they should have more guns to protect themselves. She also stipulated that if the other students were armed then this wouldn’t have happened. Another speaker mentioned about an ‘evil’ man and some ‘righteous’ people killing him. Well, all I can say is, thank fuck I don’t live in the US. Sounds pretty fucked up. Some people have flawed logic with religious overtones and I’m thinking there’s no hope for the US. Some people are still living the 1700s with amendments and bearing arms etc etc. This isn’t Hollywood, and those other survivors can probably tell you that.  Oh well, here’s to the next US massacre.  Sacrificing children for the sake of an amendment?  Is that a fair exchange?  Arming them to fend off ‘evil’ people?  Is that going to work?  Nah.  I don’t think so.

There’s a problem here and it’s endemic in the human species. We simple don’t perceive risk until it’s staring at us in the face, ready to kill us, maim us, and scare the shit out of us. These events will change people, turn them to religion and blame their luck on divine intervention. Some will be irreparably damaged, the scars running deep into their mind, haunted by guilt and tracing events that led up to the trauma. Time dislocates us from the immediacy of the trauma, unless we were intimately affected, directly or indirectly, we will forget and make the same mistakes that led us to the same event.

About as good as the Daily Mail

About as good as the Daily Mail

World War 2 and its horrors are testament to this, and yet, through the decades there are conspiracy theorists arguing the death toll of the industrial style killing of the camps. Conspiracy Theorists argued that there were significantly less than 6 million people slaughtered at the hands of the Nazis in their camps and by the action of the einsatzgruppen. I remember watching the documentary, that was narrated by a computer generated voice and thinking, who gives a damn whether it was only 2 million. Only 2 million (not sure if that was the figure they quoted)? Even it were only 300,000, it’s still a war crime and just as sick. A US Officer, upon entering one camp wanted everything filmed and photographed so that no one could deny it ever happened.

As flat as a pancake

As flat as a pancake

Despite this, people still deny it. Alongside this youtube video documentary there were other videos claiming that the earth was flat ‘The Flat Earth Society’ and that the ‘Moon Landings’ were fake, 9/11 attacks were caused by forces other than Al Qaeda. I’d look at the 9/11 documentaries and give them some real consideration as I do think that there is something else going on here – I don’t think it was caused by the US government. I think there were some serious fuck ups with regards to security and there was a cover up with regards to evidence. There will be and are plenty more people dying today and in the future due to the dust inhalation on that day and subsequent days following. A major constituent of the building would have been Asbestos and I’m sure there was plenty of those fibres being breathed in.

In Syria we’ve got the Russians intervening and the US are bumping their gums about collateral damage, civilian deaths…. Fuck me! Look who’s talking! What’s the US been doing the past 20 years in the Middle East? I bet it’s a lot longer. The Iraqis are more than happy to get the Russians on board, in fact they’re not fussy who helps them out. The Aim of the US and GB would be for the pacified countries of the Middle East to sort out the problem themselves, else we will be there for the indefinite future. The Iraqi Army doesn’t have the leadership to forge ahead and oust the ‘Daesh’ from their soil. Inevitably there will need to be a soldier presence on the ground from the western alliance. The Russians say they’ll be airstriking every fucker that opposed Assad – that includes the US and GB. Now there’s a potential flash point if I ever saw one. There’s been plenty in the past and this is no exception. I reckon, eventually, we’ll see masses of troops from the Ruskies and this will increase their Middle Eastern influence bringing them on par with the west.



Rise of the Bear and the Baby Factories of the IS

boris-nemtsovA Russian politician is shot dead on the streets of Moscow?  An opposer of Putin administration.  Well, there’s no surprises there then.  We can see the rise of the Russian bear, insidiously land grabbing the territories that claimed their independencies in the 1990s.  This is the first real threat to world peace since the early 60s.  I think the safest place to be right now is in the mountains of Argentina in the south of the country.
+++++Proxy wars have been going on for many years now.  In recent times since World War 2, we had the Korean War – a war between China and the USA.  The Viet Nam War – USA versus Russia.article-2388237-05C49D8E0000044D-369_634x504  The Afghanistan War – Russia versus USA.  Kosovo was a close call when the Russians decided to take Pristina Airport.  Now we have the Ukrainian troubles – USA versus Russia.  The Baltic states voiced their concern, but they’re members of NATO, the Russians wouldn’t stir up a hornet’s nest there, would they?  I’m stocking up on the cans of beans in the shed and planting tomatoes in the garden, just in case the balloon goes up: dig for victory and all that.


Baby Factories on the move

I wanted to steer away from IS, but I can’t.  It’s simple lies and deceit and trickery to entice young Muslim women to travel to their Caliphate to become baby factories.  Three girls failed by the government and the intelligence services?  I think that’s a little unfair.  There’s only so much the government can do without turning the country into a ‘Big Brother’ state.  The people to blame here are the parents.  That’s a bold statement, I know.  How did the three girls get out of the country?  There’s a counter argument to this.  You could say that society has alienated these people and that this is an escape to a better life, a clearer vision of the future.  Or so they think.  I’ll retract the blame on the parents.  I’ll apportion most of the blame onto them.  You can’t stop an 19 year old from going over there to fight for the IS.
+++++Like some soldiers in our ‘Legal’ armies, they’ll soon find out the harsh realities of war.  The kinetic energies involved and what the human body, mind can and can’t cope with.  Soon, they’ll come running, if they survive.  There’s a 19 year old boy soldier gone over there to fight IS.  Why?  It’s over 2,000 fucking miles away.  Why should it matter?  He’ll come back fucked up in the head, if he survives.  If not, the dogs will eat his body.  Let the Iraqis, Syrians, Turks, Jordanians and Iranians deal with them.  We’ve been bled enough for the oil under the ground.
+++++Those three sperm bags, sorry, but that’s what they’ll become, will be impregnated as soon as they’ve given birth.  Hopes of male offspring will abound, looks of disappointment at the birth of girls.  All for some vision of a future where women will be incarcerated in their Kitchens and Baby Rooms or Hospitals, while the men go off to fight the ‘Jihad’.

Knee jerk reactions from disenchanted Muslim teenagers are akin to clicking the agree button to an African offering $1,000,000 in bonds in a Spam Email.
+++++What do we do?  I saw somewhere that RE – Religious Education was now needed back in schools like it’s never done before.  I agree.  It needs to be balanced though.
+++++This integration into the known world, the mixing of creeds and religions will spark little ‘earthquakes’ while we meld.  If we don’t co-exist, we need to get off this fucking rock and colonise other rocks – Mars is next on the menu.  Then we’ll fuck that place up as well.

Anti Islam Protests in Germany and the Fifth Reich

The Fifth Reich is in danger of raising its head if the rallies in Germany carry on.  It looks like the rallies of the 1920s in Germany, except this time Germany isn’t on her knees so maybe this wave of dissent might wane.  But we’ve got growing waves anti-Muslim in the UK – these flames are being fanned by events overseas.  Coupled with this we’ve then got the divisive US, a fractured country with many problems ahead for herself.  The American people will need to stay strong, unite and overcome their differences, and sort out their political and enforcement problems.  Looking from afar, this sort of reinforces my analogy of school days.  We’re still in Primary School here – Year 4.  I doubt we’ll ever start to drop borders because many of us are in Infants’ School – Year 1 or 2.

We were pretty stable, barring pandemic here and there, back before the 19th Century, then when we started to bring weapons onto the scene and use them in an industrial capacity we started to get closer to midnight.  That’s the doomsday clock.  We’re currently at 23:55hrs.  Back in the 19th Century we were years away from midnight.

You’re probably wondering where the Fourth Reich went.  It’s already here.  Angela Merkel is its head.  She’s in charge and it’s all our fault.  We’ve got ourselves to blame.  We were close to bombing Germany into the Stone Age back in the 1940s.  We showed merciless ferocity that matched the Nazi’s Zeal.  I think, ultimately it was jealousy that started the 2nd World War and the Germans did what the US wanted to happen to the UK. Empire 01 The US were vocally opposed to Empires and didn’t like the UK for that reason despite claiming Hawaii and Guam in the Philippines.  Adolf Hitler went down in Berlin and took the British Empire with him.  It seemed the vortex in Berlin that was his bunker sucked in all that British influence with him, all that money.  Looking at it from the other side, the UK were slaughtering the natives in Western Africa at the turn of the century,  Benin and all those smaller countries, their treasures raped.  What did Germany have?  A small country in Western Africa – the Germans were pretty brutal there too.  All in all Europe was a Kindergarten full of 2 year olds and we got into a fight over the spoils of the world.

Glasgow is suffering for the second year on the trot.  They hit the headlines.  6 Dead on the streets of Glasgow.  What the fuck!?  Islamic terrorists!?  NO!  Apparently the driver of the rubbish truck was slumped over the wheel.  Might be a heart attack.  3 days from Xmas?  That’s way too close.

Also in the news: the mummified remains of a woman was found in her home.  She was thought to have been there for 7 years.  How the fuck can this happen in the 21st Century???  Simple.  We don’t have that community spirit anymore.  Some comments were that people should call on their neighbours during Xmas.  I endorse the spirit of Xmas, but it shouldn’t just be for one time of the year.  It’s like all these charities that come out of the woodwork at Xmas.

Religious extremism, Islamaphobia and Proportion

Murdering 132 children and 9 staff, many of them Muslim, is not going to help your cause.  In fact it’s going to help build up a resistance base to fight against the people who did this.  The people who did this belong to the group known as the Taliban.  What was the reason?  Through terror and fear?  Do they require obedience?  Do they require submission?  Shall we bow down to their demigod and convert to Islam?  If this is a taste of things to come, then I’m not particularly attracted to this sort of practice.

Not a very good way of attracting supporters to your cause.

Not a very good way of attracting supporters to your cause.

It doesn’t look too appealing to me.  I don’t pray to any god at the moment and I like eating pork.   I don’t want to see people shot, beheaded or burnt.  It’s not a very nice looking religion – in fact it looks fucking vile.  So – that ISIS style religion isn’t for me.  So… terror and fear tactics – does it work?  We’ve seen this over and over again and unfortunately for the dullard ideological fanatic, they obviously haven’t thought this through.  This sort of tactic has been tried and tested in the past, but hasn’t achieved their own objectives.  As fractious as they are and as fractious as Islam is, this may have serious ramifications on people’s views on Muslims and the Taliban.  Some would even link both in their entirety.  For the majority of the Muslims out there I think it necessary for them to ally themselves with the rest of the world to stem this wave of ideological barbarity.  The Taliban and their ilk are attempting to shake a hornets’ nest and it will only be a matter of time before we see something large happen.  Demonstrations in Germany have begun against Muslims.  Islamaphobia is on the increase.
+++++Let’s not kid ourselves, the practice of beheadings, burning people alive in the name of a religion occurred lots of times in Europe 16 – 18 generations ago.  Not a history buff, but 16-17th Century practices are being practiced in a 21st Century world.  I have friends who are anti-Muslim for this reason.
+++++The massacre of large populations of people are no stranger to our allies either.  Take ourselves for instance during World War 2 when we dropped tonnes of explosives on civilian population centres; after it was deemed immoral back in the 1930s to do such a thing.  It’s a War crime, isn’t it?  How do we know there aren’t allied POWs down in those cities, burning?  Not everyone in Germany supported the Nazi regime back then.
+++++The US in the phillipines massacred thousands of civilians over a century ago.  Bombed civilian population centres in Germany and Japan in World War 2.  They even went over to Viet Nam and fought the North Vietnamese Army, costing the US over half a million US casualties; many of them suicides.
+++++That doesn’t absolve the group who murdered 132 children and 9 staff.  Definitely not.  Though, dare I say it this has been going on, on a weekly basis in the Middle East (Syria, Iraq) and in Western Africa.
+++++Seven people a day die in the US through gun crime.  Until those who uphold the possession of these weapons experience the loss through gun crime I think this politically sensitive issue will not be resolved.
+++++The world police over the Atlantic, do they dictate what is morally right, or what it an outrage?  Do they have the outrage thermometer?  Or do they hold up the placard that says – BE ANGRY?  When the planes hit the towers, the Pentagon and crashed into a lonely field in Pennsylvania – there was outrage.  Many people died in those atrocities.  But if we only take the figures, the numbers here and compare them to the War Dead on the first day, the first hour of the Battle of the Somme, June 1916, this pales into insignificance.

Storm Troopers join the slaughter

Storm Troopers join the slaughter

Or the Battle of Verdun where a total of over 2 million casualties were sustained.  What did we have to record the events back in 1915 – 16?  Letters and the odd surviving, worn photograph, slightly frayed at the edges.  In 2001, we were surging in our telecommunications, media, technology.  Every facet of the electromagnetic spectrum was being strummed like the chords of a guitar with information transfers.  Millions upon millions of bits and bytes of info up until the nose of the airliner smashed into the floor of the tower.  As astonished workers raised their hands in self defence and thousands of gallons of aviation fuel flooded the building, pulses of information streamed to loved ones and to the world.  That’s it.  It’s recorded in visceral, minute, painful detail.  Every thought and plea is recorded, transmitted and is still travelling through space and is about 13 Light Years distance from us now.  Alpha Centauri ; our galactic neighbour, if there’s life… and it has the means to pick this up and understand it will be thinking.  What the fuck?  If they have the technology – do you think they’d bother to come over, covering the vast distance of space.  Nah,  they’ll probably think – by the time we reach there, they’ll be extinct.
+++++I think we need to grow up here.  We, meaning bipedal humans.  It’s like we’re still in the pre-college years.  We’ve come out of the Infants school and we’re still trying to deal with each other in Primary School.  There’s rivalry on the schoolyard and we’re still getting into fights.  The other kids will crowd around us and chant ‘FIGHT, FIGHT,FIGHT!!’  ‘ or ‘PILE ON!!!’  At school, I was generally the one on the bottom!
+++++Maybe we need a headmaster?  The US or the UK doesn’t really have a good credit rating when it comes to morality so that’s them off the list.  How about the friendly people of Luxembourg?  I know fuck all about Luxembourg – isn’t that a good thing?  I mean, all we seem to hear about is how bad people are.  Luxembourg would be an excellent host for a Supreme President of the World.  I think we would need someone strong enough to control the many different peoples of the planet.  Makes me think of the Tito of Yugoslavia who held together 8 mini nations and 7 ethnic groups yaddee yaddee yah.  Saddam Hussain was a strong leader, but he was a ruthless fucker who massacred people.  Uncle Jo Stalin, was a paranoid, lunatic – murdered millions of people – so no good.
+++++Democracy would probably be a bad thing here.  Look how complicated it is.  The US political system is that complicated they can’t even ban guns.  This new government – or Regime…. or System should be Totalitarian / Dictatorial, but in the interests of the majority here on the Earth.  If we’d done something earlier in the 20th Century, then maybe we’d enjoy some of Arthur C Clarke’s visions of the 21st Century right now.  Trips to the moon and Jupiter.


Being the victim of a department clear out wasn’t such a bad thing when your job was in Iraq. Especially with the jihadists banging on the door to the ancient Kurdish capital of Erbil. The atmosphere at work was becoming more like a scene out of the ‘Game of Thrones’ with all the rumours, lies and deception. Despite the high pay – I’m relieved to be out of that corrosive arena. I’m now pursuing work in local areas now where the only flak I get is from the wife and kids. I learnt valuable lessons in Iraq – that money isn’t everything. Yeah, it helps, but family and friends are more important.
+++++I see the gradual mission creep of the US and I can see parallels to Vietnam. Naturally the British are following in the heels of the US, never far out of the arse of the president is the head of the prime minister. Where does it start? Back to 1991? Probably further back than that. But I want to start in August 1990.


I was on an Alberta plain in Canada at the time – getting beasted. I’d only been in the Army a few weeks and I’d been sacked from the FDC (Fire Direction Centre), sent to the BQMS then onto an M109 Self Propelled Gun with a crew of guys who were going to make my life shit for 3 weeks. I don’t blame them either – I didn’t have a clue what to do on an Artillery Gun. I soon learnt and was preparing the charge bags, which were the US variant. They were easy to sort out as they were in white bags and you just simply put them on top of each other depending on how far you wanted to throw the 98lb shell. My name was Nig for that time and I was happy with that. Nig has no racist connotation, but it was thought to mean ‘New Intake Gunner’ or ‘New In Germany’.
+++++Tommy Huntley came round to the gun one day and told us that the Iraqis had invaded Kuwait.
+++++“My Mam and Dad’s in Saudi,” I say. And they’d been there for a year now. My dad had gotten a new job with British Aerospace Corporation (as it was known then).
+++++“Guess where we’ll be going for Xmas?” Tommy says.
+++++“Fuck’s sake!” Curses all round at the thought of Xmas in the middle east.
+++++“Hey, we’re off to Ireland, man! We’re not gannin’. That’s all sorted oot.”
+++++We had a tour of Northern Ireland booked in the January for 6 months. Sunny Bessbrook sounded just as far as Kuwait at the moment in Canada.
+++++“They’ll get yer parents out if they’re in any bother. Saudi’s protected anyway,” Tommy goes to me.
+++++And that was that. The exercise carried on for what else were we to do? If we were off to the middle east, then an exercise was just what we needed.

* * *

post_august-1“Oh – for fuck’s sake.” A Lieutenant said as I ambled into the group of men designated a ‘gun runners’. We were to be shown where the M109 Artillery Guns were to be put. The Battery Reconnaissance Officer would take us out in a Land Rover and show us where our individual guns would go. I was the only Gunner who’s helmet had no cover. I think it had been stolen from me in the early hours of initial deployment.
+++++In the Land Rover we’re all over the place in the back. It’s off road and it’s like a group of particles banging off each other. Great example for a physics lesson. Thank god for the Mark 2 kevlar helmet. We all stink, but we don’t notice it, our clothes are a just dirty and sweaty. The Rover stops and gradually the guys get out and they’re shown where to run to – the officer points in a direction near these sticks with triangle pointy bits on them that point off in a direction. I hadn’t been shown what to do here and this was my first job since I’d been sacked from the Fire Direction Centre. I get shown and then we’re all taken to a point where all the vehicles would pass through.
+++++It was about 34 degrees out here and not a cloud in the sky. Straw coloured grass to the horizon on undulating terrain. We could see the smoke of a convoy approach, the ground under our feet began to vibrate. Then they’re upon us, one after the other, 40 tonne hulks racing towards us. We began to run and my Gun turned in my direction, its engine screaming as it did a 90 degree turn, churning up the ground. I ran for a good kilometre to a point where the Lieutenant pointed out to me and I halted in front of the vehicle willing the vehicle’s brakes to work. Dust and earth flew up to me and into my face as the M109 halted, a near skid. Out came Baz, climbing out of the commanders hatch squeezing past the Sergeant with a menacing look on his face. He was nearly twice my size. This was a little like David and Goliath. A fist came crashing out and into my chest nearly dropping me.
+++++“Where the fuck are we meant to go!?” He screamed.
+++++“Here!” I shout back, “I was sent here!”
+++++“Yer dumb cunt!” He gets the driver to manoeuvre the big gun and points it in the correct direction.
+++++That was the precedence to a shitty 3 weeks in the prairie on an eggy, cordite smelling gun. To make matters worse we had an officer cadet who joined the gun for four days and I remember him telling me how he was going to me a commander and would be my boss in the future. Smug fucker. I never met the bloke again – thank fuck.
+++++The last fire mission was done and we were racing across the prairie in these M109 Guns – they’re basically tanks, but don’t tell that to an Artilleryman or they’ll have a go. The rations were thrown at opposing guns who were driving alongside; we had six to a battery. Eggs were flung, high angle and splattered onto the chassis. Fuck! That’ll be me cleaning that up!
Back at the camp, we park up in the Gun Park and begin maintenance. The Sergeant and the others go off on the piss while I’m stood there like a pleb – didn’t have a clue, sorting the gun out.
+++++Impetigo scabbed my lower lip and it looked like somebody had taken a knife to it. I had to use my own basin and not shave it. A fucking nightmare.
+++++Despite this, I went into the City of Medicine Hat and partied. Swimming pools, giant foam stetsins, massive cars, massive portions of coke and burgers and fucking huge ice creams – no wonder they’re all fat over here!!


I digress…. ISIS are a wave of thought. An idea, a way of life and a surge of influence through the world especially in the minds of young muslims. 1407532171724_wps_1_Pictures_posted_online_ofWhat they’re doing in Iraq and Syria is nothing new and even worse shit happened in the last century. It’s just that you get to see it on your computer whenever you google beheading, buried alive, execution etc etc. The Americans had the Vietnam war in their living rooms in the 1960s and 70s and didn’t like the taste that. Luckily both World Wars didn’t get the same media attention and the horrors were safely hidden by technological constraints. I suppose this was part of the reason why so many of the people coming back from the front felt alienated by their experiences as none of the selfish people back home knew what or could comprehend what had happened to them.
+++So, ISIS burying people alive, shooting women, kids, men, chopping heads off – nothing novel there – it’s already happened and on an even grander scale especially during the great upheavals of peoples post World War 1. Swathes of people, literally smears of dark stains from outer space could be seen on the land as they were forcible moved and exchanged – I’m talking about the Greeks and the Turks of either country to be ‘repatriated’. There were massacres, but you don’t really get to hear about that. Millions of Russians…. I’m lucky. Very lucky I was born in UK.

The Turks were just as bad... anyone else?  The US, UK, French, German, the list goes on....

The Turks were just as bad… anyone else? The US, UK, French, German, the list goes on….

The Americans are now re-arming the Kurds to protect their US interests in the Oil reserves up in Kurdistan. The ancient city of Erbil may hold. It will get suicide attacks and may even be in range of ISIS artillery soon. I like it how the US begin by saying they’re not going to get involved and then all of a sudden we’ve got US special forces on the ground, Air strikes, Drones, Arms shipments to the Kurds etc etc. When there’s oil and it’s in the US interest then they’ll help. The Yazidis are just a sideshow to the US. There have been many more massacres in Syria on an unprecedented scale, but weren’t publicized.
+++++I run a parallel to this with trying to get a book sold. Unless you have the right media you will not get the attention.
+++++Forget the parallel for now, but for Iraq. Her only survival here is unity as we all know – sectarian violence is tearing it up. Already the Kurds have an even stronger foothold in the north, with a probably US backing. With the world police backing you up, you’re sorted. The only way you’re going to get the jihadists out of the country is with Western boots on the ground. The Iraqis just don’t have the discipline to deal with them. The Kurds are doing okay – the Peshmergah have a reputation of being hard bastards to uphold. The rest of them…. fuck. I was there in 2004 and saw just how corrupt/ undisciplined their security forces were. We’d arm the police, kill an insurgent and recover the weapon we’d given the policeman a week earlier.

The death of Robin Williams now eclipses groups of Yazidis clinging onto helicopters to escape the murderous jihadists.
+++++Many of the Jihadists are UK, Australian, US and other western nationalities. If they survive their jihad and come back they should be deported to the country which they fought in and tried there. They may be executed depending on the capital punishment system of that country. I think it’s hanging in Iraq. It would certainly make the world a better place and it would be preferable to the Tax payer paying for a prison cell for these brainwashed numbskulls.


A few weeks ago we had a plane go down in the Ukraine and fuck me – it’s a Malaysian Airline. Here we go, let’s wait for the conspiracy theories. I didn’t hear any about the airline, but that it was a Russian jet that shot it down. President Putin is getting flak from every fucker about the plane going down. Let’s do some number crunching now. How many people affected by the crash? Take the number of passengers and cube it – 25,672,375…. maybe not. Whatever took it down didn’t vaporize it, but probably took out the wing and that’s what initiated the uncontrolled descent. We may never get to find out who press the button to make that missile fly or who authorised the firing of it. One thing’s for sure. It has widened the gap between the US and the Russians…. That means the UK, Germany and the rest of Europe too. Businesses are feeling the pinch due to embargoes. Even over here in Belarus – I’m writing this in Belarus – the fish imports from US are going to stop soon. The Ukrainian President’s chocolate brand is slowly dwindling in Gomel’s shops as they’re no longer importing them in. A patch of land mainly occupied by Russians and contested by them, is that what it’s for? Of course not – the Germans don’t want the Russians making land gains like they did 50 years ago. A bit rich coming from zee Germans. Whenever you get a mix of languages, cultures and colours, you’ll get divide and clash.
+++++One solution – brainwash every fucker. Forget your nationality, name, colour, race and creed. Reminds me of We, written by, Yevgeny Zamyatin, who inspired Orson Welles to write 1984.

Rolf Harris and The History that is written by Liars

I was listening to a Kate Bush album and one song was sung by the disgraced entertainer : Rolf Harris. I thought nothing of it, and then – fuck! He’s a fucking Paedophile!! I should have been shocked and disgusted – turned off the song; but I didn’t. It was about being an artist and the effect of rain on his paintings.
+++++Rolf Harris has been turned into a monster, in a matter of seconds, based on the calculated, decision of a panel of people in a building in London. Made global news within the minute – as quick as the speed of light. As soon as the verdict was made, I cringed at reports of people coming forward attempting to claim compensation for alleged abuse he’d done to them. Can money really heal that sort of damage? No – but it fucking helps. “I got my arsed squeezed on Top o’the Pops in 1973 and I can’t sleep, have sex or form meaningful relationships with other men…” — absolute bollocks I say.
+++++I saw the blind, resolute and loyal wife accompany the man to the court on each day, apart from the day of the verdict. It seemed that the reality of it all had come crashing down and that veil had been lifted with life shaking consequences. All those years and was the wealth worth it – the limelight? From the words of Jesus, Voltaire, FDR, Churchill and Peter Parker’s (aka Spiderman) Uncle, With power, comes great responsibility. The fallout of changing attitudes to sexuality has taken its toll on powerful and influential people. Many of them failed to see into the distant future and see a world where the powerbase of man and woman has shifted. Like the latent effect of asbestos, the changing attitudes of society will bite people in the arse. Maybe there’ll be compensation for all those homosexuals who were booted out of the British Army before it was made legal. Maybe the slaughter of all those animals in the abattoirs… no, maybe that’s a step too far for the veg munching, tree hugging, liberals out there.

Yesterday I saw on Facebook 20 Iraqi Soldiers all lined up, kneeling preparing to die. Just how you prepare for that is another matter, but credit has to be given to these men as they didn’t go kicking and screaming. One after the other, faces exploded as bullets crashed in through the back of their heads. I think I’d have wrestled a rifle from one of those men in the balaclavas at least. Iraqi Soldiers Dead12345To think I was only a few hour’s drive from that place last month. I’m not sure how I would have reacted, maybe I wouldn’t have put myself in that situation in the first place and fought the death. I read the comments other people made and saw with dismay that people had attributed a religion to the executions. Many people ‘don’t know what they don’t know’. I worked in Iraq for 13 months and I worked with many people up there, a split of Christianity, Muslim and Yazedi. Naturally there are towns that are made up entirely of their religion, but no hostilities have occurred. To judge a people and a religion from the comfort of one’s chair in the relative safety of the western world is already a failure in reducing conflict. You aren’t going to completely eradicate bloodshed and war – that’s just plain ‘pie in the sky’ and frankly – fucking boring. To judge – first go and see the people you’re judging, get a taste of their culture, taste their food and shake their hands, look them in the eyes when you speak to them, see their children before you call them mass murdering, blood thirsty animals and call on the so called ‘crusade’ : again ‘pie in the sky’.

My message to these Nationalist extremists is:

“… to grow some fucking balls and do something – it’s okay talking about it, but get off the fucking computer and start a ‘crusade’, arm yourself with a sword and shield and beat back the encroaching tidal wave of multi-culturalism. You may find that you are already too late – about 20 years late, so you’re going to have to stage a guerrilla war. Good luck.”

History and the human brain has a great way of covering up situations and facts. History is written by the victors of battles and wars. History is written by the powerful. History is written by liars. History might as well be transmitted by word of mouth, from generation to generation. Instead, it is tattooed on the skin of paper and outliving the human lives that wrote it, it is then, having survived purges and the immolation of libraries, picked up by our descendants and they act as a voice of bias as to what happened. There are two religions that are both similar and act as a record of history, both subjected to the thoughts and bias of their writers. Islam and Christianity have a very similar history when you look back. Perhaps, if both survive, they may merge, or be the sole reason for our destruction.neurons12345

The rocks don’t lie, fossils don’t lie, they are incorruptible – neither does the camera, so they say. That is provided the film isn’t edited first. The influence the corruption of books are beginning to dwindle due to the rise of technological advances. It’s a pity – fiction books don’t count, they’re already (beautifully) corrupted with the imagination.

ISIS, Iraq and a 1970s childhood

The kitchen was the living room, bathroom and cooking area – it was the centre of our family. It wasn’t a perfect ‘Father, Mother, two kids’ nuclear family in that snapshot of the 1970s, but they were perhaps the happiest days of my life. The weeks would stretch off into an eternal summer bliss where I would explore the ‘fields’ and build dens and form and break alliances and attend to the childish politics of our time. I can remember dogs running freely through the streets, yapping, shitting, pissing on lampposts, screwing each other (and having water thrown on them) – I once saw two dogs conjoined back to back and could not separate; some of the kids would throw stones at this spectacle.

The dreamworld and the catalyst of my fantasy lay in the fields for that held secrets of the past, of days gone by. A path that led to Seaham Mine, and the men that walked there. There were a few slabs of concrete that were set in the bank of a beck that cut a wound through the field. The miners would, after work, bathe here. The route to this area had many paths, forced by the tread and paw of many passing through. Up on the low banks that led to the main path we would sit and eat cold boiled potato from Sunblest bags. The seaview part of Murton could be seen, partitioned by a wooden fence. There were breaches in the fence that children would use to access the fields.

I don’t really remember staying in the house that much, to be perfectly honest. The cul-de-sac had three garages and these would prove useful in hide and seek games. We would line up plastic soldiers of various guises and eras and bomb them with the gravel. Action Man would be turned paratrooper with a shopping bag attached to him and catapulted into the air. A new man arrived into the family and my Christmas was bountiful. I got a bike and I thought I was on highway patrol from CHiPs. Through the streets and onto the paths; wood slats on bricks provided ramps for us and we’d vault into the air from path to road. There weren’t many cars back then either, just dogs and miners. I think on how we used to sit on the kerbs and lay in the grass with no concern. Thirty six years later and parents won’t let their children out of their site. Instead we cook them up in houses and feed them to electronic fantasy; the Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto and Final Fantasy. We keep them away from bacteria and germ, only to have their effects greater on them due to their low immunity. I wrote a blog post on how parents should be held accountable for their behaviour to their children – if their kids are obese, it’s the parents fault and they should be punished for this. Just recently it was in the news that some parents had to go to the Police for just that.

Now on a different topic and that of ISIS who are currently controlling a city 1 hour 30 minutes drive from here. Mosul is cut in half by the Tigris river that makes its way down to Basrah, a vein of life running through this arid cradle – birthplace of known civilisations and religions. I was a bit concerned I would have to get my Black Widow catapult out to defend myself against these Jihadists, but it seems they’re skirting around the autonomous region of Iraq’s Kurdistan. You don’t want to come in here – I hazard the Kurdish security forces won’t abandon their posts. The Pêşmerge (original meaning ‘those who confront death’) are a group you don’t want to be up against and I’m pleased to say they’re defending my work area as I’m not a good shot with a catapult.

They’re currently sweeping through Iraq like a blitzkrieg through France in 1940. They’re not too bothered about logistical supply as they will steal from the locals. However they may be spreading themselves too thin, recruiting from prison breaks seems to be the best place for quick replacements.

They’ve spread themselves thin like butter and the Iranians aren’t too happy with what they’re doing. The UN is pissed off. Turkey isn’t happy either – there’s a horde of PKK fighters on the border poised to protect Kurdistan if they have the balls to take on the Pêşmerge. Lots of moving parts to this complex issue – about as complex as Northern Ireland with regard to the sectarian dynamic. There are rumours of Saddam loyal personnel in Iraq switching sides to ISIS and it seems that the current leader needs to focus on unity as the Sunnis are going mental. On a side note the Shia and Sunni are both Muslim, but are at odds with each other – I daresay it looks similar to the Catholic / Protestant clashes of Northern Ireland in its most troublesome days.

Anyway, I’ll stay up here on the Turkish border with my Black Widow Catapult and wait for the smoke signals.

It’s not all that bad – we’re still watching the World Cup up here!



Women on the Front Line of the British Army?

Women on the frontline of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces? Yes, please! Get them on the frontline to see what all the fuss is about. They might soon regret that decision, but that’s a decision most men make on their ‘Baptism of fire’ : a very subjective and qualitative engagement of aggression and fear. There are a lot of shouts and cries from the men of the Armed Forces, objections and doubts. All understandable, but one thing they all share and that’s the fear of being undermined by a female, that a female can do a job better than them. The Armed Forces still has its macho image, though I daresay the MOD’s media/press/advertisement cell are trying desperately to dispel that image – it will take a few years, and it’s not in generations as generations can change perception and attitude pretty quickly (we’re very adaptable to our surroundings).
+++++The main reason we didn’t have any women in the Infantry and the Armoured Corps (Tanks) is because it was feared the men would take unnecessary risks to protect their female peers, if in difficulty. The MOD credits our British Male population with high values of chivalry. There are secondary reasons, and that is many men are attracted to other women, it’s true that homosexuals are in the minority on this regard. So, men are attracted to women, no surprises there and women offer a pleasant distraction to the men who may fight over them and impregnate them with babies. I served in an Artillery Regiment for 22 years and I saw women from the very start, albeit in office duties as Royal Army Pay Corps and Womens Royal Auxiliary Corps (commonly referred to by the men as Weekly Ration of Army C*** – sorry, had to share that with you). Slowly, insidiously perhaps, I saw my first woman in the Artillery in the mid 90s – I don’t want to give an exact date, but there’s a good picture of her with a 98lb High Explosive Shell cradled in her arms. Some might argue it should be a baby in the crook of her arms, but I don’t think she did a bad job, in fact I daresay she did the job better than most men. There’s the urge to prove yourself in the face of adversity and she was that, brave and stubborn. Black people, gays, and all that minority stuff that’s slowly going, but there’s always a residue of racism, nationalism, sexism, – always – you can’t get away from it, you can’t erase it, it’s human nature to be xenophobic on an infinitesimal scale, even if you don’t consciously realise it.
+++++Equal Rights is a strange concept, because we’re not equal: we’re all different. Boring statement aside, we are unique, perfectly honed, biological machines with more shapes and sizes than a NEXT clothes warehouse. But the job that we’re about to go into isn’t different, it has needs of the operator/worker/soldier who will fit into that job. In the British Army there are physical tests that have to be done prior to entry – unfortunately the tests are adapted to the general physical shape of a man and a woman at certain age categories that go up to 60 (I think). So you’ve got different sets of criteria for Men and Women. In my humble opinion it should be a physical test for the job, but making no distinction of the sex of the person taking the test. I know women who can outrun men easily, I don’t think there’s a need to have a 2 or 3 minute (not sure on specifics) gap between men and women for a 1.5 mile run. In an operational environment there will be a time when you will need to call on those physical attributes that were tested many moons prior to the deployment and if you cannot, then there has been a failure in the system. That won’t be too difficult in any large organisation such as an Army. It is a shambling, cobbled, burdensome beast with many excessive hangers on slowing the creature, each with its own constricted and twisted lines of informal communication. Such as life, the Army is a test of personality and character, for sure. I digress.
+++++So, after all that. Women in the Army? Too right, but it won’t come without a price. There’s always a price to pay, and that may be in blood – be it on a birth table, on the battlefield or in the Barracks. We’ll adapt to it, like the Americans and the Israelis and embrace it. It will be the selling point of the British Army, that it’s an organisation for Equal Rights.
+++++Sorry, going back to Equal Rights. I did an Equality and Diversity course back in 2011 and found with shock and horror that Equal Opportunities/ Rights whatever, is not about treating people the same, but treating them fairly. In an operational deployment where there is frequent engagement with an armed force, the armed force generally don’t employ Equality & Diversity in their tactics or ethos. If you are engaged you will be treat the same as any other man, stabbed, shot, buggered…. buggered… hang on, no – female prisoners may be treated differently from men. There’s a thing called rape and it has been going on for Millenia, that’s a 100% guarantee what will happen if you’re captured by a large force of men. The interrogators will use rape as a tool to get information from the male captives.
+++++Saying that, the battlefield is evolving as technology begins to replace humans. For a conventional war, of machine against machine – yes – such as the Iraq invasion 2003, we probably didn’t need to deploy troops – bold statement here and there’s arguments against this, I bet. After the conflict there will be a need for ground troops to provide the soft, reassurance strategy to gain the support of the people whose country you’ve just pulverised. Robocop is at least a decade away… another bold statement as Arthur C Clark got it wrong and so did Anthony Burgess. The very thought of fixing bayonets and closing with the enemy is a concept that 99.9999% of normal humans would abhor. We try to kill with distance weapons such as support weapons (General Purpose Machine Gun) and then the rifle. Even then, we like to use a lot of air support. We’re not the anglo saxon warriors of yester year with shield and sword. Though there have been situations where this had to happen, something fucked up, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in the Falklands: bad weather, no air support, you’ve just been ambushed or you’ve ran out of ammunition.
+++++So, to summarise, I think it’s a good thing to bring women into the bloody fold of the infantry world. We’ve got to evolve – if this is indeed evolution, not sure where it’s going, not sure if it’s the right direction. So, to the men and women of the British Army who think this a bad idea : there’s fuck all you can do about it, so let’s just see where this heads off to, eh?
+++++I was going to talk about the Omagh bomb, the value of human life and my experience with the Intelligence groups in Northern Ireland. I’ll make that the topic of my next post.